Introduction to Saint Paul’s Maelstrom Club

Maelstrom, the Saint Paul’s creative writing club, has entered its second year. Maelstrom is a club that encourages students to hone artistic talent, be it creative writing, drawing, or singing, and have their work published by a school-run publication.

Maelstrom will meet within the library in Benilde hall every Wednesday during lunch. 

Maelstrom can publish any kind of creative endeavor, for instance, a poem, song, or a short story. This club, first and foremost, is about development, and exposure of the creative talents of all who wish to join. Maelstrom believes that art is an extension of the soul, and that anyone has some kind of artistic merit which they can share with the world. 

Maelstrom had previously been a website run by Saint Paul’s with the same premise, however, it was sparsely used. This, alongside the dissolution of the creative writing class, meant that something had to be done to ensure the creative abilities of Saint Paul’s students would not remain dormant. 

Last year, Maelstrom transformed into a club, forging a new future for the growth and development of creativity among the people of Saint Paul’s.

The proverbial storm of Maelstrom is raging beautifully, as more and more people have begun to join these meetings and share their creative talents.

The Maelstrom club compels anyone who believes they can share an artistic ability to join them. 


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