Student Ambassadors Club Hosts Events at Saint Paul’s

Student Ambassadors, aka Student Hosts, are a select group of students who volunteer to help Saint Paul’s School with activities and events. For example, Student Hosts have been entrusted to guide tours for prospective students on campus, serve patrons during fundraisers, and clean the campus before and after special events.

Student Hosts have already begun their service this school year by helping with Saint Paul’s “Mini Schedule Night.”

Anyone can join the Student Hosts under the direction of Mrs. Monteiro, who stated “The organization can benefit students in many ways, such as providing an opportunity to acquire service hours, looking good on college transcripts, and helping out with getting scholarships for not only college, but also Saint Paul’s.”

Saint Paul’s senior Jonah Revere said, “Student Hosts is a great club for anyone who participates in another after-school activity, but then has free time heading into the evening.”

That is because most Student Host activities take place in the evening or at night. However, some events are during the day, such as Grandparent’s Day or theater performances.

Students can join Student Hosts by contacting Mrs. Monteiro in the school alumni office.

From Left to Right: Joey Mire, Alex Bradford, Nick Lowe, and Christian Russell


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