Saint Paul’s Ultimate Frisbee Wolves Pull 45+ Students

Entering its third year of existence, the Ultimate Frisbee Wolves are looking strong. Headed by coach Brother Javier, the team practices and plays games on the baseball field, Adam St. Field, or the 11th St. Field. They practice after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from around 3:15 to 4:30.

The goal is to play their first game in late September or mid-October. The season is year-round and is among any schools that want to compete. When interviewing Brother, I was told some exciting news that Jesuit and Fontainebleau High School might have a playable team this year.

When the team was formed, the first ever team captain, Ezra Vall, was one of only three seniors, so the team did not win many games. By the next year, the team was putting up a tough fight against every team it played and was winning many more games because the team felt closer as brothers.

Last year, Brother Javier was invited to put the Frisbee Wolves in a tournament toward the end of the school year. There, they won three of the four games they played.

This year, the Frisbee Wolves have more than 45 members!

However, team captain Carter Plaisance has the difficult task of bringing this club into its much deserved glory without any seniors. “The Ultimate Wolves will be brought to glory through hard work, dedication, and a little bit of cardio.”

When Brother Javier came to Saint Paul’s in the 2020-21 school year, he brought the idea of beginning an Ultimate Frisbee team. When asked about why he started the team he responded, “It’s been a hobby of mine for a while. When I coached cross country, ultimate frisbee was a favorite exercise of mine. Everything just fit when I got here and it seemed perfect.”

Ultimate Frisbee deserves more attention than it gets. It is extremely fun and strenuous. There is a little bit of soccer and football involved, but the catch is, when you receive the disc, you can not take any steps unless you have momentum, in which you are allowed three steps of motion.

If interested in joining ultimate frisbee, contact Brother at  

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