A Homecoming Week to Remember

Saint Paul’s Homecoming week was a huge success. The planning by the student council could not have been better. The dress down themes ranged from jerseys to music themed clothing, which is a big change from the widely disliked theme of Hawaiian. Many students got to show off clothing that usually does not exit the depths of their closets. One new, fun theme that was introduced this year was tie-dye. Tie-dye could either have been hit or miss as many boys do not own tie-dye clothes, so when Saint Paul’s looked a big rainbow sea, the student council knew it was a success. 

One aspect of Homecoming week that most people overlook is the daily lunch activities. It brings a unique vibe to the week and lightens the mood across campus. Spikeball is the main attraction as different grades gather in front of Benilde to watch the games. I wish Spikeball was a staple part of lunch, but I also know it would not be as special.

The climax of Homecoming Week, besides the dance, is the pep-rally and field day on Friday. Student Body President Ben Barousse worked very hard on making Friday as much fun as possible, and he quotes, “Homecoming week has always been a crazy time for the student council. This year specifically there were more moving parts when it came to the pep rally. Usually we pack SSA and Saint Paul’s into the gym but this year we went into Hunter Stadium. It was very stressful with this new destination as the student council executive board met every week. We worked very hard and I’d say it paid off. I want to give a hug thank you to everyone who spent their time and gave their effort towards making this week great!” 

This week in particular was so much fun. After being at Saint Paul’s for five years I can realistically claim this Homecoming Week as the best one yet. Ben and the executive board did an incredible job, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year holds.


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