The Wolves for Tutoring

The Wolves for Tutoring is a club in which Saint Paul’s students meet most days after school at the West Saint Tammany YMCA to help younger students with homework, studying, and other activities.

The club was founded by Saint Paul’s seniors Peter Verges and Ethan Wilson and is moderated by Saint Paul’s teacher Kim Gardner.

In their sophomore years, Peter and Ethan noticed an absence of real mentor-tutors in Saint Tammany Parish. The pandemic had largely prohibited Saint Paul’s students from serving the community, and the two students saw their opportunity to make a difference through their love of knowledge and learning.

“Ethan and I have always enjoyed learning and helping our friends in class. We also see the value in upperclassmen mentoring students in middle school and know the impact it can have… It’s been an inspiring and rewarding accomplishment. I’d say that we members benefit just as much as the kids, if not more,” Verges noted on his motivation to start the club.

Brainstorming ideas of location hosts for their newfound club, they settled on the YMCA. “Reaching out to the YMCA seemed the perfect way to [start],” Verges said looking back.

The students brought the idea to Executive Director Joey Roberts’s attention, to which he responded with abounding enthusiasm. Under the direction and assistance of the YMCA staff, they coordinated the merging of the Wolves for Tutoring and the YMCA’s afterschool program.

Now, more than 20 members are making a difference by participating.

A typical day in the club involves one to four club members meeting at the YMCA. The younger students arrive on buses, and the first thing the club members do is assist the kids with any homework or studying they might need to complete. After finishing any school work the kids might have, they engage in fun activities like puzzles, circuit board kits, and sometimes the daily Wordle. Finally, they go outside to play games such as four square or other sports.

Club members express that the best part of helping out goes beyond merely homework help or sports. The members and kids form deep friendships that each will remember for the rest of their lives.

Saint Paul’s junior Gunnar Gavel tutors frequently and loves it. “Wolves for Tutoring gives me a chance to not only help kids with math or English but also to get to know them on a more personal level. This is just one example of what makes Wolves for Tutoring such a memorable experience.”

Any student who wishes to know more or would like to join the club can contact Peter Verges at or Mrs. Gardner at


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