Cobra Kai Season 5 Review

Many shows and movies captivate the success of reboots and continuations of a franchise. But no on-screen adaptation fulfills this goal as well as Cobra Kai.

The hit Netflix show Cobra Kai released its fifth season on September 9, 2022, diving deeper into the lore of the Karate Kid franchise.

Season 4 left fans in shock when Cobra Kai won the All-Valley Tournament, along with Miguel going to Mexico in search of his dad. Season 5 picks up with the tournament’s aftermath and Daniel’s continuation to stop Cobra Kai.

Season 5 feels fresher than anything that came before and is arguably better than any other season. Not only is its originality great, but the actors portray character development amazingly. Unlike other shows, Cobra Kai can stay relevant and grow while keeping its fundamental roots.

Xolo Mariduena portrays one of the main characters, Miguel Diaz. The beginning of Cobra Kai shows him as a small kid who gets picked on quickly but later turns into someone who could arguably be one of the best fighters on the show. However, this was just the beginning of Miguel’s journey, as he suffered from a fatal accident. Miguel breaks his back at the end of season 2, leaving everyone speechless. Seasons 3-4 start to focus more on Miguel, with his recovery physically and mentally. Season 5 continues with the comeback of Miguel, showing he is better than ever.

Another character that portrayed a fantastic story was Terry Silver, played by Thomas Ian Griffith. Griffith returns to his role as Terry Silver from Karate Kid 3. Silver’s whole story arc started at the beginning of season 4. He was an older man living off his money, but he turned toward his old self when Kreese began to reminisce on the past and his mistakes. Silver couldn’t overcome his past self and faded into darkness.

Lastly, Cobra Kai is cinematically a masterpiece. It capitalizes on the success of a 1984 classic, The Karate Kid, and combines it with the success of Netflix originals. The show combines generations and makes a hit Netflix show.


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