Pros and Cons of Taking Two Dates to Saint Paul’s Homecoming

Saint Paul’s Homecoming is the pinnacle of all school dances. The luster of this dance has caused an invite to Saint Paul’s Homecoming to be one of the most coveted honors a girl could receive.

According to unverified sources, this constant rush of young ladies clamoring to come to this dance must have made Saint Paul’s institute a rule that allows Saint Paul’s students to ask more than one girl to the Homecoming dance.

I, Sam Gold, have decided to take advantage of this unique accommodation to invite two lovely, young ladies to the Saint Paul’s Homecoming dance.

Of course, with any decision made in life there are pros and cons. In this case, there are primarily pros for taking two girls to Homecoming.


The first pro is reasonably obvious: you get to take two amazing, beautiful girls to homecoming! There is nothing better than being joined by two of your good friends as you enter the Saint Paul’s Homecoming dance, instead of just one.

In my case, who would not want to take a Saint Paul’s Homcoming Court Senior Maid and a Mandeville High Homecoming Court Senior Maid to Homecoming.

Nothing looks cooler than walking into homecoming with two girls by your side. While everybody else struggled to get just one date, one was not enough for me, clearly.

Taking two girls to Homecoming also allows the opportunity to give more girls a great night. It feels nice to give someone a special night who might not have otherwise enjoyed it unless it was possible to take two dates.


One major con for taking two dates is the added expenses. Corsages and Homecoming tickets are not free. With corsage prices ever rising and Homecoming tickets at $15 each, the cost to taking two dates can be a hefty chunk of change. This doesn’t even include the cost of taking two dates to dinner beforehand. However, the price is well worth it.

Some students may say it is hard to give both dates equal attention; however, with great dates, it is accessible to give them both lots of attention.

As I struggled to find more cons for taking two dates because my dates were awesome, two of my fellow classmates helped me out.

Saint Paul’s senior Peter Verges explains why he chose to take one date. “My date is such a great human being that I would be remiss to take another girl.” In addition, Saint Paul’s senior Emerson du Passage adds, “It would be complicated to drive across town to pick up both dates. It would also be extremely awkward as my date waits in the car for me to get my second date. It would also be comical to put on two corsages at once while also wearing two boutonnieres.”

While du Passage’s comment may seem well thought out, he did not account for the fact both of the dates could get ready for the dance together if they are friends, and the dates can both just chip in for one boutonniere as mine did.

While it may look like the number of pros and cons is about even, the magnitude of greatness for each pro makes the pros outweigh the cons.

Also, most of the cons are easily refutable. So when it’s Homecoming season and you are trying to decide between two girls to take, why not take both?


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