Ranking Saint Paul’s Football Players with the Most Swag

Deion Sanders once said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.”

Although the Saint Paul’s football team is not paid, they sure do make an effort to look good. These players have “swag,” or as Generation Z says, “drip.” I will be ranking these players’ “drip” based on their gear and accessories. I used a “SpaceX” quantum telescope to get an impeccable look at the players’ gear from the undersized Wolfnation Student Section.

  1. Devan Menon (#26), Cornerback
Devan Menon is pictured here approaching the wide receiver he is locking up. Notice the dual arm sleeves with the knee bands on his leg. He likes to leave his shoulder pads out of his sleeve, as it is his signature look. He is ranked number one for a reason.

After watching Devan play in three games, I can conclude that not only is he a lock down cornerback with a smart playing style, but he looks “drippy” doing it. From two arm sleeves to Nike arm bands, he rocks the best drip on the football team. He also sports a smokey tinted visor. He keeps it plain on his legs, unlike other players on the team, but it works, as no leg accessories can be stylish. Another small detail that separates him from the rest is his mouth-guard accessory. He likes to rock a Carolina blue colored mouthpiece or a red mouthpiece. Both colors work in nicely depending on the uniform the Wolves wear.

2. Jack Salvaggio (#4), Wide Receiver

Jack Salvaggio goes in motion before the ball is snapped. His gold Under Armour “Spotlight” cleats are quite rare and “drippy.” His gold gloves match nicely with his cleats and the all-blue uniform the Wolves wore.

Jack Salvaggio, although not number one, makes a strong case for the top spot, as his “drip” is always changing. He has fully embodied Deion Sanders’ mantra. I find that he does not shy away from wearing the most accessories and looking his best. His cleat game is the “drippiest” on the team. Depending on the color of the Wolves’ uniforms on game day, he will coordinate his cleats with the color. It hurts me to put him at No. 2, as his swag is undefeated.

3. Jacob Johnson (#9), Safety

Jacob Johnson looks clean in the Tulane uniform he got to try on during a visit. I was able to snag these pictures privately from him. The double arm sleeve is a great look on him, as well as the Tulane green and blue; however, he is committed to Southern Miss.

Easily the scariest player on the Saint Paul’s football team, Jacob Johnson rocks a shoulder brace every game. He either wears arm bands or an arm sleeve. Both fit nicely with his intimidating stature. He also likes to sport blue Under Armour spotlight cleats with chrome, gold bottoms.

4. Roman Cumberland (#10), Wide Receiver, Punt and Kick Returner

Roman Cumberland is pictured here catching a ball in warmups. He likes to sport the compression pants underneath his uniform as well as the visor and ankle socks. His look is very modern and clean.

As most players know, return specialists have an insane amount of “drip.” Roman Cumberland knows this. Each game, not only does he bring punts back, but he looks good doing it. One unique feature to his “drip” are his bright green gloves. He also wears a baggy undershirt with some leg accessories varying from bands to white compression tights. Like Menon and Salvaggio, Roman also uses a visor for his helmet. Visors HELP your level of “drip.”

5. Jeb Reina (#2), Wide Receiver

Starting from left to right are Roman Cumberland, Jeb Reina, and Jack Salvaggio, all rocking “tuff” looks. This is Jeb’s first appearance in the article, and he does not disappoint with his turf tape and towel hanging out the back.

Starting wide receiver Jeb Reina likes to fit himself into more of a simple styled “drip” look. He differs himself with this clean style and it work well with his size, as it emphasizes his height. Some games, he rocks a white arm sleeve, which fits nicely on his discreet appearance. Be on the lookout for #2, as he is a skilled wide receiver as well. The Wolves like to hit him on deep streaks as well as crossing routes, giving him long yardage opportunities.

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