Top Five Flavors of Gum

A normally mundane and unnoticed topic, chewing gum has been an essential part of our lives for multiple years. The advancements in its technology have progressed exponentially, dating back from its roots in 1860 when John Colgan created the first legally sold “gum.”

This article will cover the top five best flavors of chewing gum and why each choice was made.

5- Wintergreen: An intense experience, it may be a fan favorite to many, but its lack of flavor over time and its annoying burn is something one would usually try and avoid when shopping for their taste. Saint Paul’s senior Connor Braswell exclaims, “Without Wintergreen in my life, I wouldn’t buy gum.”

4- Peppermint: Although the flavor is delectable, the reasoning for this relatively low placement is due to its overpowering minty flavor that causes some users an absurd burn and mouth-watering feeling that makes its spot on this list concrete.

3- Spearmint: A well-liked flavor, spearmint is a cult classic known by many for its great taste and prolonged use, excellent mouth feel, and vast availability. Its main drawback would be its quality control, as most spearmint gum strips are too soft to provide a good enough chew to constitute it being any higher than third place.

2- Citrus: A highly regarded grouping of flavors, citrus gum places second in this list due to its intense flavor profile giving off hints of orange, lemon, and lime that give this flavor the renowned spot it has.

1- Mint: At number one by a long shot, mint is a flavor known by all for its light and palatable flavor profile, along with its chewy yet malleable texture that ties in beautifully with its superb quality control, which earns its spot at number one on this list. Saint Paul’s senior Christian Cowley adds, “If mint was nonexistent, I don’t know if I would be chewing gum today.”


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