Top Five Bathrooms at Saint Paul’s

After extremely intensive polling of Saint Paul’s student body, the students have chosen their favorite bathrooms at the school:

5- Counseling Bathroom: Known for its quiet atmosphere, it is a fantastic place to go, but due to its out-of-the-way location in La Salle Hall, the counseling bathroom is topped by others.

4- Benilde Hall 2nd Floor Bathroom: A commonly used bathroom, the second floor of Benilde Hall is known for its standard cleanliness and spacious bathroom stalls. However, its main drawback would be the amount of traffic it gets per period.

3- Band Room Bathroom: An ordinary and quaint place to visit, its main attractions are its newness and cleanliness that no other bathroom on campus can match. However, due to it being in the band hall, many find access to it limited at times. Saint Paul’s senior Nicholas Beaumont backs up these claims, stating, “Although the band bathroom is out of 95% of the student body’s way, if you have a class in the band hall, it’s easily the best bathroom on campus.”

2- Coach Kenny’s Bathroom: Like counseling, the bathroom next to Coach Kenny’s classroom is known for its privacy and ease of access, located right in front of the main school building. It’s a more comfortable spot to use the bathroom in the main school building if you aren’t into the traffic jams and chaos of the next bathroom on the list…

1- Main School Building 1st Floor Bathroom: The heart of the school bathroom scene, the leading school bathroom shows how a well-placed bathroom, no matter the condition, will be used. Many frequent this restroom, and many sit and chat with all my friends in it. Because of the location, students can walk right out and head straight to class as fast as possible. Saint Paul’s senior Trip Walter speaks of his days using the Main School Building first floor bathroom, saying, “It’s more than a bathroom for me; sure, some will say I’m being dramatic, but no other place will be a bathroom home to me like the main school bathroom is.”


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