Wolves on Wheels Roll Into Action

Wolves on Wheels is a group of Saint Paul’s students who meet after school and build motorized vehicles to compete in racing tournaments. 

This year they plan on having their most successful year under the new leadership of Mr. Fredrick Escher III. “I am truly humbled by the chance to lead this incredible group of young men. Mr. Carambat and Pichon have truly created something special with Wolves on Wheels. I have always enjoyed taking on new and exciting projects. I truly believe this is how we grow: moments when perhaps we ask ourselves if we are ready and the Holy Spirit moves us forward saying yes, you can,” Escher said.

The Wolves on Wheels can do a lot for you, as told by Saint Paul’s junior, Landon Lewis. “I have been in Wolves on Wheels since eighth grade, and I love Wolves on Wheels. It is a great place to learn a lot about things that may help you in your future if you would like to become a mechanic or in case a problem arises with your car.”

This year, Landon and other club members plan on working on “The Taxi” (pictured above) and making it into a Mad Max car. 

That’s not the only change. Many creations will undergo a remodel, and all will increase creativity.


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