Food Review: La Hacienda

Located in the heart of Folsom, La Hacienda is a welcoming establishment for all hungry customers, along with being in tune with the spirit of delicious food. La Hacienda embodies the idea of taking time to enjoy a meal and talk to the person across from you.

Never before have I experienced this showcase of the extreme freshness of food while simultaneously being sold at such fair and balanced prices, and it has forever changed my view on casual dining spots such as this one.

To give a clearer view of what this restaurant exemplifies, I will walk through my personal dining experience.

Immediately greeted, Saint Paul’s senior Sam Gold and I walked into a building full of rich culture embodying the epitome of a good time. The hostess walked us to our table, where we were spontaneously but pleasantly surprised with freshly fried chips and an impeccable homemade salsa that gave off hints of peppers, onion, cilantro, and that tomato base we all know and love.

After a substantial amount of time passed, Mr. Gold and I finally concluded our entrees. I ordered three tacos topped with cilantro, onion, and salsa verde, and my three types of meat were Barbacoa, fish, and chicken. The tacos came out perfectly on a corn tortilla, allowing one to sop up that salsa verde they serve along with it. Sam ordered their “Happy Bowl,” which consists of rice, queso, and your choice of meat, and once finished, he said “The Happy Bowl is the perfect meal for the picky eater, along with being a considerably sized meal.”

Overall, La Hacienda represents good times and a delightful casual dining experience, and if Mexican food is your preference, then this is the place for you.

Interior of La Hacienda


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