Top 5 Halloween Candies

The beginning of Halloween’s “Trick or Treat” originates from a not-so-spooky time during the Medieval ages when impoverished young children would go door-to-door collecting food and offering prayers in return. Modern-day trick-or-treating entails less spirituality but also introduces the fun of candy that we all know and love.

In this article, I will encapsulate the five most highly regarded candies known to any avid trick-or-treater and rank them according to their attributes and weaknesses.

#5- Blow Pops: This delicious treat shows the true spirit of Halloween with its delectably sweet outer candy shell and a surprisingly rewarding chewy center of bubblegum. Although a universally known candy, Blow Pops lack the chocolate flavor we all know and love, and because of its stickiness after being in the heat, this sweet treat is left in the dust by these other four candies.

#4- Snickers: A world-renown candy, Snickers is known for its nutty caramel flavor intertwined with a nice caramel layer, allowing this treat to give off that delicious chocolate flavor known well to Halloween. Its placement in fourth results from its quality control, as the smaller bars give off a sweeter taste, whereas the more oversized bars provide more of the nutty flavor. Its main and final drawback is how it handles heat, as it turns into chocolate soup if left in the heat for too long.

#3- Twix: We may not be able to all agree whether the left or right Twix is better, but we can all agree that it embodies the perfect caramel and chocolate candy. Like snickers, though, Twix lacks its ability to withstand heat, as it will turn into caramel pudding if left in the sun too long. This solidifies Twix’s placement at third on this list.

#2- Reese’s: Reese’s, a world-renowned mixture of chocolate and peanut butter goodness, landing at the second spot in this list, dominates almost all candy playing fields; although it holds such a powerful presence of taste, one must consider its ability to withstand heat, as it will turn into a little cup of hot chocolate. Also, it’s quality control leads to the smaller cups having a more chocolate flavor. Whereas, the more giant cups provide more of a peanut butter taste.

#1- KitKat: In first place, KitKats takes the cake. Its delicious chocolate cookie texture provides a superior taste. There is no downside to this candy unless eaters are allergic to its ingredients. It possesses the ability to be easily shared, as each bar is sectioned off. The quality control is impeccable compared to other chocolate, and it has an awe-inspiring amount of heat resistance, allowing one to leave it in their pocket and enjoy it in a solid form. In conclusion, KitKats will dominate Halloween candy supremacy until a new candy challenges the throne.


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