Drake & 21 Savage’s “Her Loss” May Be The Album of the Year

Drake & 21 Savage released their joint album “Her Loss” on Friday, November 4th. This album is Drake and Savage’s first studio album together, however, they had some collaborative hits together before the album.

These songs included “Mr. Right Now,” “Knife Talk‘,’ “Sneakin,” and the hit that went #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, titled “Jimmy Cooks.”

When the duo announced the Album’s release on October 22, they initially set it to release on Friday, October 28th. Adversely, the producer for the album, Noah “40” Shebib, contracted a worldwide virus, COVID-19. Drake announced on his Instagram that the album would be pushed back to November 4th.

Now to get to the album, I thought it was absolutely flawless. Drake had a lot of heat on his shoulders coming into this album after his previous, highly-critiqued dance album titled “Honestly, Nevermind,” which was released in June of 2022. He went a different direction on this album, as he and rapped back and forth most of the time. The album consisted of 16 songs, four of which consisted of just Drake, one of just Savage, and 11 were joint tracks between the two.

To talk about Drake’s performance, I thought it was terrific. He really showed his incredible charisma and lyrical flow, along with the jump of the bass on the production. Some of the songs Drake thrives on are “Spin Bout U,” “Circo Loco,” as well as two of his solo tracks titled “Middle of the Ocean” and “BackOutsideBoyz.”

21 also had an amazing performance on this album, and really impressed me. His sharp-witted lyrics, which had a pun-intended vibe, added a distinct and bold flow to the album. Some of his best performances were on tracks like “Broke Boys,” “On BS,” “Circo Loco,” and his best performance, “Privileged Rappers.”

I dont think either of them had a better performance than the other, but they both complement each other extremely well—Drake with his catchy hooks and great melodies and 21 with his lyrical verses and exuberant ad-libs. 

My favorite tracks throughout the track list consist of, “On BS,” “Privileged Rappers,” “Broke Boys,” “BackOutsideBoyz,” and lastly, “Circo Loco.”

I thought this album was perfect, 10/10, and Drake and 21 Savage need to continue to work with each other and make this type of music in the near future.


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