Saint Paul’s Students Donate 10,200 Pounds of Food to Northshore Food Bank

Saint Paul’s students donated more than 10,200 pounds of food to the Northshore Food Bank on November 17, 2022 as part of the school’s annual Thanksgiving food drive.

The food drive has allowed students to recognize the importance of donating. Saint Paul’s freshman Kohler Schenck spoke about his appreciation of the annual tradition: “I believe it’s good for the community and a good way to help those in need. When we do food drives like this, it shows how much spirit the school has. We have massive amounts of students who donate, and it’s awesome that we can afford to donate so much to those in need.”

Clearly, Saint Paul’s has donated generously to the food drive, and this year was no different. The food drive, a fall tradition, exemplifies the Lasallian Core Principle of “concern for the poor and social justice.”

Saint Paul’s students have donated thousands of pounds of food over the years. In 2018, Saint Paul’s donated 10,600 pounds of food to the Northshore Food Bank, providing more than 300 families with Thanksgiving meals. In 2019, students donated 9,210 pounds, filling 15 pickup trucks. In 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Saint Paul’s led St. Tammany Parish in the Fall Food Drive. Last year, Saint Paul’s donated 9,818 pounds of food.

This year, students donated 10,200 pounds of food, which included cereal, cornbread mix, peanut butter, and various canned items, all to be given to the Northshore Food Bank. Throughout the week leading up to the food drive, hundreds students from all grade levels brought at least five items each. Many students brought up to ten items.

On Thursday, November 17, several teachers brought their classes, with food in-hand, to a parking lot where numerous trucks awaited. The students then stuffed all 10,200 pounds of items into the truck beds.

Amazingly, the donation filled 16 pickup trucks!

Once all the food was loaded, it was driven to the food bank. Saint Paul’s senior Daren Delaune, who drove one of pickup trucks to the food bank, felt the true meaning of Thanksgiving that morning: “Ever since I was in eighth grade, I have aspired to drive a pickup truck filled with cans to the food bank. I am excited this year, and it brings me joy to know that I am making a difference in the lives of so many families this Thanksgiving.”

The annual tradition reminds students of one of the school’s mantras: “Saint Paul’s cares. Saint Paul’s shares.”


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