Several Aqua Wolves Place in State

The Aqua Wolves competed at the 2022 LHSAA State Championship Swim Meet on November 18-19 at SPAR Aquatic Center in Sulphur, Louisiana.

As a team, Saint Paul’s finished fourth at State.

The state competition has individual swimmers from all over St. Tammany Parish; some were from Saint Paul’s. The team proved its dominance in the meet, scoring especially well within the relay races.

Senior Jack McNamara placed second in his 100 meter freestyle and third in the 400 meter free relay.

Other Aqua Wolves, such as sophomore Hyland Authement, senior Roman Fouchi, and junior Connor Dobie, were also able to place high. Authement finished second in the 50 meter freestyle, and all four swimmers placed third in the 400 meter free relay.

“We performed pretty well even though we only achieved with five point scorers,” Saint Paul’s senior Jack McNamara mentioned. “This was a great way to end the season,” he later stated.


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