Top Five Thanksgiving Food Items

A highly regarded holiday, Thanksgiving reminds us to come together and share our time on Earth in harmony. Henceforth, we have been carrying this strong tradition of sharing our favorite meals with our family and friends since 1621. This article will delve into the top five favorite thanksgiving dishes on our tables this loving turkey season, ranging from side dishes to entrees. I will consider the overall aspect of the meal and not just a subjective stance on the plate.

5. Sweet Potatoe Casserole – A world-renowned dish, sweet potato casserole is known for its sweet and savory flavors involving the usual suspects of nuts, brown sugar, and the infamous sweet potato base. Typically seen but rarely touched, this is a debatable plate that only ranks due to its familiar appearance and its mediocre balance of sweet and savory that allows it to be expendable as dessert, appetizer, entree, and a palate cleanser.

4. Ham – An excellent protein and main attraction of our thanksgiving dishes, ham typically is a tricky subject to rank as it relies on the chef rather than just the dish alone. If not cooked correctly, it can be the most hated food, but if done right, it can be the best. Due to this variance in enjoyment, it ranks a hearty but low rank fourth on this list.

3. Stuffing – A hard dish to mess up, Stuffing embodies the epitome of a casual thanksgiving meal. Consisting of ingredients we all know and love, Stuffing is there for the eater when no one else brings a unique side dish. It can also be the best dish on the table. It sets itself aside from other dishes as it can go along with any flavor on the table and is a top contender for leftovers that are enjoyed heated via microwave.

2. Turkey – A number two slot for turkey may be upsetting for many. However, the reasoning for this is due to how easy of a dish it is to not only mess up but also due to the bio compound known as “tryptophan,” which results in the consumer feeling highly sleepy after consumption. These two factors not only cement this item’s spot at number two but exemplify the idea that turkey entirely depends upon the chef, just like the ham listed earlier. However, due to its historical presence, it earns such a highly regarded spot.

1. Mac and Cheese – Taking the first place spot, Mac and Cheese is not only the easiest dish to craft but the most loved dish as well. This can be due to the flexibility of transforming from side to easy leftover, and it is a memorable dish that families can’t and won’t go without. Not only can it channel itself into being a consistent dish that is almost impossible to mess up, but the possibilities are endless for customization. The culinary artist can indeed dress their pallet how they desire with this dynamic, diverse dish.


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