Best King Cake of 2023

King cakes are an essential part of every Mardi Gras celebration. Still, throughout the history of this holiday, the number of renowned bakeries, grocery stores, or even certain gas stations that serve these cakes is numerous and could be perceived as never-ending. Yet there will always be a supreme king cake, one where the cream rises to the top.

Accordingly, the target of this article is aimed not only to narrow down the choices but also to find a clear winner and expand upon why it excels in this king cake race.

The article subsequently allows for a temperamental contestant pool. Its grading restrictions are flexible, but some of the more rigid factors at play for these contestants include icing quality, cake quality, and pricing.

After pooling a study of students at Saint Paul’s, the king cake contestant list has been refined to the following names below: Randazzos, Dong Phuong, and Caludas.

Starting this competition, Randazzos has king cakes conveniently located in most grocery stores and gas stations, costing around $22 per cake. Due to its unbelievable consistency and availability, this Cake “makes the list” but will not be chosen as the competition’s winner. The reason for this is derived through the actual quality of the cake and understanding that sourcing fresh quality materials play a massive role in the integrity of a cake.

Caludas is a classic Louisiana king cake known for its simple yet creative looks that embody a flavor profile more consistent with an iced cinnamon roll. Although this Cake has many common attributes associated with a winner, it doesn’t bring a genuine “wow” factor to the playing field, so it will not win this competition. It rests at a mediocre price of $16, and the quality is definitely there.

Not only the winner of our hearts but the winner of this competition as well, Dong Phong has a cake that heightens and dignifies the definition of a quality king cake. Advantages range from its uniquely hand-crafted icing to its fresh baked dough that ties the bow around this magnificent king cake creation.

Saint Paul’s student Shaffer Peters concurs: “The rich Vietnamese and Mardi Gras traditions can be easily noticed from its immaculate flavor that truly encapsulates the founding idea of celebration, love, and appreciation throughout this Mardi Gras season.”

Therefore, among the top three king cakes chosen as contenders by a small poll of Saint Paul’s students, Dong Phong king cakes are the victor.


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