Top 5 Specialty Days of Saint Paul’s School

Saint Paul’s offers a unique variety of specialty days throughout the school year. These changes in the traditional four-block schedule either include a specialized event period for that entire school day or a shortened length of the school day. This article will rank the top five specialty days at Saint Paul’s School and judge them fairly while being unbiased.

At #5, a genuinely critical bimonthly moment at Saint Paul’s, “Pack Time” is an event where groups of students from all grades will gather and discuss their school year and other essential topics. These meetings occur in the mornings after the first period and typically end with donuts being distributed.

Placing #4, a Pep Rally does not only bring a reverence of emotion and confidence to Saint Paul’s, but it modifies the regular school day schedule resulting in shortened days, snacks and drinks, and entertaining performances by both the student body and teachers.

At #3, “Snack Day” is regarded and beloved by many. A joint effort by parents, faculty, and the Saint Paul’s Mothers Club, snack days allow students a 15-minute break between their classes. This break allows them to get a treat, water, and a little rest in the middle of the school day and enables them to get some last-minute socialization in with their fellow peers.

At #2 due to its rare occurrence, “Half Days” are loved by the whole Saint Paul’s community for their light workload and joyous feeling. Although not frequent, when a half day comes around, it is typically well deserved and well timed as it can be one of the best things for a Saint Paul’s student to encounter after many long and rigorous days of work. Half days also come with an added bonus that some are preceding long holidays.

Finally, the #1 specialty day at Saint Paul’s is the excellent “Late Start.” It is a tradition known well by the Saint Paul’s community. Without late starts, Saint Paul’s would not feel like Saint Pauls, and they bring an inevitable calmness to the school in the morning that one usually isn’t able to truly witness as they go about their busy day at school. Pushing the school’s starting time back by one hour allows students to enjoy their mornings a little more and enjoy the natural beauty of the campus because most students arrive early anyway. It also allows teachers to undergo LaSallian formation and gives them time to conduct makeup work or spend time with students before class. Overall, the Late Start benefits all.


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