Little Shop of Horrors! The Spring Musical of 2023

By: Talon Boudreaux ’24, (contributing writer)

Last month, it was officially announced that this year’s Spring Musical will be Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors, based on the 1960 film of the same name, is a horror comedy rock musical about a florist shop worker named Seymour who raises a plant that feeds only on human blood and flesh. It is beloved for its iconic characters, impressive puppetry, and unique style of music.

So, it came as a surprise to the Marian Players that they would be performing one of the most popular musicals in theatre history. “It was a shocker but in the best way possible,” said sophomore Marian Player Brady Myers.

This production will also be marked as Mr. Baumgartner’s first-ever musical as the new director and Mr. Brown’s first-ever musical as the new assistant director. 

As of early January, the Marian Players started rehearsing to prepare for one of the most exciting performances in Saint Paul’s history. “We have such a great cast for this play, and we all have a strong relationship with each other so there’s no drama to worry about,” said sophomore Marian Player Andrew Talamo about his thoughts on production so far.

However, it appears there is some controversy involved with this production. 

When rehearsals first began, it was revealed that the show would premiere on March 1st. It was expected that the spring production would premiere in mid-March, so this came as a shock to the cast and crew. 

Luckily, Mr. Baumgartner was able to explain to them why the opening date was earlier than usual. “Due to the conflicting release dates of the Saint Paul’s and SSA musicals, this was the schedule that worked out best, which is why we have an earlier deadline now than before,” said Director Mr. Baumgartner. 

Regardless, the Marian Players will still be able to pull it off on March 1st as originally anticipated and give the audience a spectacular performance as always. The play will be featured several times from March 1st to mid-March.

Go support the Marian Players this March and experience what they bring to the table in Little Shop of Horrors!


  • Raquel Martinez as Audrey
  • Brady Myers as Seymour
  • Andrew Talamo as Mushnik
  • Grayson Guevara as Orin
  • Cavin Taylor as the Voice of Audrey II 
  • Olivia Adams as Chiffon
  • Ella Jeanfreau as Crystal
  • Leah Savoy as Ronette
  • Lilly Moll as an Interviewer
  • Colton Gernon as Bernstein
  • Ellen Bidleman as Mrs. Luce
  • Natalie Torres as Skip Snip
  • Dylan Underwood as Patrick Martin
  • The Featured Ensemble – Gracyn Dunavant, Mary Grace Cazenavette, and Alyssa Dickson
  • The Winos – Thomas Simoneaux and Grace Hartdegen
  • The Customers – Allie Adams, Lillian Candebat, Emersyn Olivier, and Olivia Torres


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