Saint Paul’s Hires Student Resource Officer Lance Toups to Patrol Campus During School Hours

Saint Paul’s has hired Officer Lance Toups, formerly of the Covington Police Department, to patrol the campus during school hours.

Every school could benefit from heightened security in order to increase safety among its students.

In the wake of 2022 marking the highest amount of school shootings in a year (with 300 shootings displaying a 160% increase since 2020), schools have looked to increase safety for the students and faculty. Saint Paul’s has followed this trend and stepped up security on campus.

Part of this is achieved by locking doors during class. Most doors on campus are now locked during class, leaving only one entry point to each building. This new protocol is designed to ensure that all visitors are funneled passed adults. Moreover, classroom doors are kept locked, ensuring no one can get in during instructional time without knocking.

Journalism teacher Mr. Nick Guarisco appreciates this added security despite many students feeling that the door locking is unnecessary. “Students complain about the burden of having to walk around to the other side of buildings (as if walking is difficult), but this weak rebuttal misses the purpose of the protocol – to protect students – which is unquestionably the paramount concern here. Additionally, the minor inconvenience is trivial considering that the vast majority of these students will have to walk much farther on their future college campus anyway.”

The improvements in safety culminated in the hiring of Officer Lance Toups, who has been given the title of Saint Paul’s Student Resource Officer.

During the first Principal Assembly of 2023, Officer Toups introduced himself to the 900+ students. He emphasized that he wanted to become more than just a police officer to the students. He hoped he could become a friend, a fellow Wolf, and someone students can come to for help.

The students are very appreciative to have Officer Toups on campus. One such student is sophomore Noah Montz, who is thankful the school has him. “It’s good to have an officer on campus as it makes the students feel safe and protected during the school day.”

If you see Officer Toups on campus, thank him for offering his time to help create a safer environment on campus.


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