Class of 2014 Senior Wills

logo_crestI, Zachary Albright, bequeath Madison to Spencer Albright. –Princeton/Economics

I, Quinn Anglada, bequeath my reign over the Wolves on Wheels to Marcus Garner. –ULL/ Mechanical Engineering

I, Steven Arias, bequeath my position as the most “swegalicious” SPS Hispanic guy to Percy Pablito Peña, and the responsibility of AFJROTC paperwork to Colin Skinner.” –SLU/Pre-Engineering

I, Aaron Behlar, bequeath my salon-quality hair to Brad Jones, and my Battleship skills to Austin Behlar. —LSU/Petroleum Engineering

I, Eric Boudet, bequeath my lack of athleticism to Ealon Boudreaux, and my good looks to Ben Hollingsworth. –LSU/Political Communications

I, Blake Boyd, bequeath my nail on the tree to Josh Nunez. –LSU/Mass Communications

I, Michael Brown, bequeath my ridiculous number of nicknames to Patrick Rudiger, and my inability to think of cool bequests to the entire junior class. –Vanderbilt/Mechanical Engineering

I, Michael Burke, bequeath my trumpet noise to Jack Nunez, my family name to Burke Irwin, my gingerness to Will Murphy, my weird noise making to Jack Dubreuil, and my third “friend” to anyone who needs it. – Notre Dame/Chemical Engineering/Pre Med

I, Zach Buster, along with Sean Lavin, bequeath bringing Doris to the baseball games to Trevor Buster. —LA Tech/Undisclosed

I, Adam Cannon, bequeath my Darth Vader helmet to Garrett Cannon. –ULL/Engineering

I, Christian Caragliano, bequeath soccer to Brett Feringa, and my dancing/piano skills to David Durand. –LSU/Business

 I, Grant Connolly, bequeath the spot where my face was on the gym wall to Patrick Connolly LSU/ Petroleum Engineering

I, David Conroy, bequeath the big blue bag of discs to Joe Tanner. –Spending 1 year in Spain prior to college

I, Ian Conroy, bequeath the call of Cross Country JV Squad (Hoo Haa!)  to Will Saucier. –LSU/Pre-Med

I, Patrick Danner, bequeath my Hammer of Oden to Patrick Stewart. – LSU/Biology

I, August Dixon, bequeath my calculator programs to Walden Perry and my lack of emotional display to George Cazenavette. –LSU/College of Engineering

I, Kevin Durr, bequeath my buckets in ball sports to David Durand. LSU/ Petroleum Engineering

I, Joshua Farr, bequeath Mr. Victor Morlas, the best teacher St. Paul’s has to offer, to Brett Feringa, and my already inferior singing voice to Bradley Del Rio. –LSU/General Business

I, Jimmy Farris, bequeath my style and knowledge to Christopher Lowder. –Ole Miss/Broadcast Journalism

I, Sean Gardner, bequeath my ability to put ink into my skin to Carlo Graffeo. –Fordham University/Engineering Physics

I, Austin George, bequeath SOME of my skulls to Garrett Boyce. –SELU/ Integrative Biology

I, Alexander Gondolfi, bequeath my undeniably good looks to Alex Seese, and my multiple unpaid parking tickets to Mitch Richard. –SELU/ Computer Science/Information Technology

I, Grant Grefer, bequeath my endless stress and sleepless nights to my brother Gavin Grefer. LA Tech/Electrical Engineering

I, Ethan Gunter, bequeath the “bone” to Reiss Thieler. LSU/ Mechanical Engineering 

I, David Heap, bequeath Gutter’s masculinity to William James (Way-Jay). –Springhill/Undecided

I, Grant Hebert, bequeath my laziness and ability to not care about anything to my brother, Mason Hebert. –LSU/Chemical Engineering

I, Jacob Hewson, bequeath my status of being “short” to Ryan Fair.LSU/Petroleum Engineering

I, Ross Hodgins, along with Chris Russo, bequeath the Senior Baseball League to Ryan O’Krepki and Josh Nunez. —Undisclosed

I, Thomas Huval, bequeath my Netflix account to Tyler Fair, my ability to make Abbey Hollingsworth uncomfortable to Ben Hollingsworth, and my sister to Patrick Stewart. –LSU/Broadcast Journalism

I, Jordan Jacob, bequeath buckets to Stephen Hammond. –LSU/Computer Science

I, Parker Jaquillard, bequesth my jock strap, passed down from my brother, Paul Jaquillard, and fat boy t-shirt to Bradley Clawson, my MRSA-infected football gloves to Joseph Mason, and the black nectar of the gods legacy to Christian Jarrett. —Sewanee/Psychology

I, Shane Jones, bequeath the Place Which Shall Not Be Named to my brother, Brad Jones. –United States Marine Corps

I, Andrew Jung, bequeath my obsession for cars to Shane Strander and my common sense to Grant Fink. –LSU/Mechanical Engineering

I, Shane Kennedy, bequeath my dashing good looks to Shelby Stumpff and the incomparable Youth and Government club to Philip James. –LSU/Business

I, Ben Kenney, bequeath my “Marauder’s Map” of St. Paul’s School to whoever solemnly swears he is up to no good. -Ole Miss/Accounting  

I, Nicholas Lacoste, bequeath my GDI status to Peyton Lacoste. –LSU/International Trade and Finance

I, Robert Lacroix, bequeath my pre-game dunking ability and duty to David DurandLSU/Business

I, Sean Lavin, bequeath my Cuban heritage to Ryan Lavin, and I, along with Zach Buster, bequeath bringing Doris to the baseball games to Trevor Buster. –SMU/Finance

I, Tanner Leblanc, bequeath my A&A to Sam Dufour and Seth Dragon. –LSU/Economics

I, D.C. Lipani, bequeath the insta-bench to Spencer Albright. –LSU/Finance

I, Ethan Lowry, bequeath my gymnastics skills to Billy Harrison, and my bottle game dunking ability to Steven Van Zandt. –LSU/Engineering

I, Brian McIntire, bequeath my ability to talk to moms to Cameron Gary, and my ability to wear flat bills while drinking monster to Phillip McIntire. –LSU/Mechanical Engineering

I, Michael Maggio, bequeath my goalkeeping skills to Colin Hanley and my Grubber Kicks to Christian Garrett. –LSU/Biology

I, John McCoy, bequeath my girlfriend reality show to Lane Sumrall, and my McCoy super powers to Connor Lu. –LSU/Petroleum Engineering 

I, Jacob McWilliams, bequeath my prank telling abilities to Christian Rabalais, and my sister to Austin Groeneveld. –LSU/Civil Engineering

I, Chris Meraux, bequeath my super clean bathroom to Ryan Meraux. —LSU/Accounting

I, Robert T. Monahan, bequeath my gorgeous locks to Joseph P. Monahan. –Furman/International Finance

I, Handsome Monica, bequeath Moo Moo to Cade Cowen, and the AA Club to Hunter Romero. –U of Arizona/Political Science

I, Dylan Monies, bequeath my ability to summon bowling magic to Walden Perry, and my pool of random and useless facts to either Adam or Kyle Schmitt. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! —Rhodes College/History

I, Max Morvant, bequeath my ability to get people to work together to Jack Dubriel. —LSU/Biological Sciences

I, Tyler Murphy, bequeath the top button and only the top button to William James. –LSU/Petroleum Engineering

I, Cain Plaisance, bequeath my ability to have a late growth spurt and frisbee gloves to Joe Tanner, and  my truck “Sosa” and Eco-car prowess to Jacob Tullos. LA Tech/Electrical Engineering

I, Matthew Rader, bequeath my love for Maggie to Jared Thieler. LSU/Engineering/Undecided

 I, Cameron Robinson, bequeath my ability to get injured to Michael Boudreaux. —Furman University/Undecided

I, Chris Russo, bequeath being a fridge to Tre Dolan, and I, along with Ross Hodgins, also bequeath the Senior Baseball League to Ryan O’Krepki and Josh Nunez. —LSU/Engineering

I, Garrett Shearman, bequeath my peace and flow to Christopher Lowder. –Ole Miss/Broadcasting

I, Nicholas Sibley, bequeath my title of “Sibley” to Oliver Sibley, my ability to make Munn puns to Jack Dubriel, and my awesome lacrosse shirt (TT) to Ryan Flood. —Tulane University/Pre-Law

I, Brennan Skinner, bequeath my muscles to Samuel Giberga. –LSU/Biology

I, Matthew Spedale, bequeath my sense of shame to George Cazenavette, and friends to Walden Perry. —LSU/Biological Engineering

I, Willis Spurlock, bequeath my name to Saint Paul’s School. May it live on forever. –-LSU/Business

I, Michael Stewart, bequeath my papal throne to Sam Giberga. –LSU/Mass Communications 

I, Christian Taylor, bequeath the absence of Wolf Jam and my favorite transparent green guitar pick to Patrick Frederick, my sick Eldrazi deck to Quinn Arnold, and something else to Zachary Taylor.  —Loyola, Music

I, Nicholas Taylor, bequeath my challenge night hippity hop skills to Zachary Taylor. –LSU/Undisclosed

I, Michael Thomas, bequeath my Herculean athletic ability and god-like physique to Corey Williamson. –LSU/Business

I, Turner Valois, bequeath my love for bubbles to Alex Harp. —Undecided

I, Kyle Waguespack, bequeath my fur to Eddie Heap. –LSU/General Business

I, Tanner Warner, bequeath my eating disorder to white girls everywhere. –University of Phoenix/Interpretive Dancing

I, Trevor Watkins, bequeath my authority to choose who “lights the fire” in the soccer pregame huddle to Parker Rice, my good looks to Bretton Feringa, my ridiculous forehand Frisbee throw to Joe Tanner, and my ability to “get buckets” to David Durand. –LSU/Undecided


Graduating Seniors: If you haven’t submitted your bequests yet, it’s not too late. Email The Paper Wolf, and we’ll add it in.



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