Man On Campus: The New Gym (With Videos!)

As many residents of St. Paul’s are aware, there is a new gym scheduled to complete construction in the fall of 2015. What they don’t know are the details of this mysterious project. Tons of questions are floating around about the new complex: Will there be an improved weight room? Will there be a ball pit? A salad bar? We can only speculate for now, so in the mean-time, let’s see what students want the most out of the new gym.

.  .  .

Eighth Grader Brandon Stein wants more of a signature high school sport:

.  .  .

Freshman Hanzala Hussain expresses a desire shared by many students:

.  .  .

Sophomore Thomas Rovira’s wish will likely not be granted, but is radical nonetheless:

.  .  .

Junior Danny Bonano wants to channel his inner Balboa:

.  .  .

Senior Kole Gorney notices something missing from his high school experience:

.  .  .

Faculty member Coach Kevin Moore wants something very simple:

.  .  .

What do YOU want to see in the new gym?


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