Sears and Meyers Awarded TD of The Year by Times Picayune

(COVINGTON, La.) — The number of sports accolades is continuously growing at St. Paul’s, and for the state of Louisiana in general, as SPS’S Matt Meyers wins the award for Touchdown of the year from The Times Picayune’s online poll for his game-winning catch against Edna Karr, passed by teammate Kenny Sears.

“We were prepared at that moment to preform,” said Meyers. He said the award represents the whole team’s hard work and dedication that is put in throughout the off season and during the regular season at practice. Of course, he also gave credit to his coaches, explaining if it weren’t for them, student athletes wouldn’t have those opportunities to put the hard work in and become better players.

The award-winning catch occurred with little time left on the clock. Quarterback Kenny Sears, snapped the ball for one last chance to beat Edna Karr. Within a matter of seconds, with precision and awareness, he stayed calm while stepping up in the pocket. Sears found his target with a pass that not many QBs could make even without the pressure Sears was facing. The laser pass was cradled into Meyers’ hands in the corner of the end zone. TD SPS, with the final score 26-25.

When asked if the award gave Sears and his team any motivation he said, “We’re all working hard as a team to reach our goals.” Regarding the award itself, he said that all the credit goes to Meyers for making the catch. Without the catch, there is no TD, no win, and no award.

In an interview with, Sears’ father, Coach Ken Sears, applauded his two young players and the rest of the team for the dramatic win over tough opponent, Karr.

Some of the other nominees for TD of the year were plays by LSU signees, top-in-state and highly nationally ranked recruits Tyron Johnson from Warren Easton and Donte Jackson from Riverdale. With Sears being in the class of 2016 and Meyers in the class of ’17, the award could be a sign of good things to come for the next football season and years to come. After all, Louisiana native and former LSU Tiger, Odell Beckham Jr. Was awarded the NFL’s catch of the year after making what some call the catch of the century.

Of course, in order to make catches like Beckham’s, you have to start off making catches like Meyers’.


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