Criminology Class to Hold Mock Carjacking Trial

(COVINGTON, La.) — The mock trial of Jesse Caulfield, to be portrayed by Skylar Hebert, will be held on St. Paul’s campus, beginning today.

Caulfield is charged with carjacking, a violation of California Penal Code 215, assault with a deadly weapon of or by force likely to produce great bodily harm, a violation of California Penal Code 245, and robbery, a violation of California Penal Code 211.

Defendant Jesse Caulfield, portrayed by Skylar Hebert. (Photo by Adam Satterlee)

“Our expert witness has concrete evidence, which makes our case full-proof,” said prosecuting lawyer Zach Nunez.

According to a witness statement, Caulfield entered a grocery store on a rainy evening, and then left. Victim Cooper Chase then reportedly entered the store to buy a bottle of water and ran outside to his car. When Chase entered the car, Caulfield was allegedly waiting in the car with a gun. Caulfield then allegedly hit Chase in the head with the gun. Chase then got out of the car and Caulfield fled the scene. Chase reportedly went into the store and called the police.

When the police arrived, they got a description of the suspect and the car. According to the arrest report, Officer Jasiri Nighthorse spent the next 24 hours looking for the car and found Caulfield only three city blocks from the grocery store.

Officer Nighthorse reportedly asked permission to enter the house and found Chase’s wallet on a coffee table and bundled up clothes assumed to be from the night before. The police then placed Caulfield under arrest.

The defendant, Jesse Caulfield, had no comment.

The defense team listens to a witness testimony (Photo by Adam Satterlee)
The defense team listens to a witness testimony. (Photo by Adam Satterlee)

The mock trial of Caulfield is to be conducted by the Criminology Class for the purposes of a better understanding of Principles of Defense. The details of the mock case were provided as an exercise by the Louisiana Supreme Court when the Law Studies and Criminology classes went there for a recent field trip to learn about how the judicial system works.

During the trial, students will act as defense lawyers, prosecuting lawyers, clerks to help both sides, a bailiff, and eight witnesses. The judge will be portrayed by Emilie Allen, the Criminology teacher.


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