SNL and Guerilla Wolves, Far From the Last Laugh

For forty years now, Saturday Night Live has made people laugh. For the last several years, Guerrilla Wolves, the news broadcasting media for St. Paul’s, has used a similar style to inspire laughs among SPS students — and a laugh is a laugh no matter how many people are watching.

SNL’s 40th Reunion was a hit. As the former hosts and cast members acted out new skits and reminisced over old ones, even those watching the show from their couch could feel like they were there.

A few memorable moments from the SNL 40th Anniversary show:

• • •

Here are a few skits from SNL over the years that have made us laugh:


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In a similar style, SPS’s Guerrilla Wolves have entertained students from their first day of broadcasting to today. With many more schooldays to come, there will be more laughs to follow.

Some of the best Guerrilla Wolves moments episodes from the past:

Guerrilla Wolves Movie News with Parker Layman: Archive Pt. 2

So, long live Saturday Night Live, and happy 40th! As for St. Paul’s Guerrilla Wolves, keep the hysterical laughs coming. When comparing the two, it’s plain to see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Hopefully one day, Guerrilla Wolves can have a 40th anniversary many years from now. Until then, I’m still Nico Arcuri (sorry Parker), and live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Live.

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