Celebrity Waiters Event Aids Campus Progress

The night attracted many patrons that helped give to support St. Paul’s future.

(COVINGTON, La.) — On March 6, 2015, St. Paul’s School hosted its 15th annual Celebrity Waiters Dinner and Fundraiser in the campus’ Briggs Assembly Center to help benefit the school’s various programs in need of support.

“It’s always very energetic, and there’s a great turnout,” said David Briggs, whose mother is the namesake of the Assembly Center. “It’s not just one of those sit-down banquets; it’s more social and (people) have fun.”

Briggs added that he enjoyed the music of the night, which included the World War II Museum’s Victory Big Band and St. Paul’s own Jazz Band.

“I loved the great, professional swing band. But, we (also) had the St. Paul’s young men come up there. That’s what it’s all about,” Briggs said. “Getting the young people involved instead of just the adults having an event.”

The Jazz Band wasn’t the only student organization present, however. The St. Paul’s Student Hosts helped wait tables and JROTC cadets helped patrons park. Briggs said it helped add to the inclusive experience.

“The young men helped wait tables, collect tips, play in the band, and serve in the honor guard. That all adds a level of excitement, because everybody wants to see the boys do better and the school do better,” Briggs said.

John Carambat, left, shows his club's cars to a patron.
John Carambat, left, shows his club’s cars to a patron.

Among the clubs that are benefited by the event is the Wolves on Wheels EcoCar club. Moderator John Carambat enjoys all the contributions given by Celebrity Waiters.

“These guys are what make (Wolves on Wheels) possible,” Carambat said. “Our sole contributor has been the St. Paul’s Renaissance group, which gets a lot of its money from this event. We’re really thankful.”

When asked about seeing his family name on the facade of the Assembly Center for the first time, Briggs said it reminded him fondly of his mother, Dorothy Davlin Briggs, who sacrificed to help get Briggs and his brothers into St. Paul’s.

“She was a very devout Catholic, and in some pretty difficult financial times, she saw that we all got to go to a Catholic school,” Briggs said. “It made a difference in our lives, and we need to give that back. I think out of all this, we hope it’ll inspire someone else in the community to see that buildings can get renovated, that programs can improve, and that we can make this a better environment for the brothers, teachers, and students.”

Briggs also encouraged the business community at large to get involved in the St. Paul’s culture.

“We get parents and people who are familiar with St. Paul’s (attending the dinner), but this is also a great event for businesses in the community,” Briggs said. “(They) can come, get a table, and see what this school is all about and see how much it contributes to the community. I encourage the community to come on campus and be a part of (St. Paul’s), even if they don’t have a student here.”

(All photos by Nick Ashton.)


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