Wolf’s Eye View: My First College Visit – Spring Hill

Sping Hill LogoOn Sunday, March 8, 2015, I visited my first college campus as a prospective student. I went to Spring Hill College in Mobile, Ala., for what they called “Brunch on the Hill.”

The event started at 11 a.m. for those wanted to go to Mass or noon for those who didn’t. Then there was check-in where prospective students got their folders with the schedule of the day’s events, name tags, and a few other odds and ends.

After I got my folder, I went to the student center where there was a line for the brunch foods: sausage, biscuits, and other standard breakfast items. Just as a side note, the food was very good.  Since there were so many people there, you had to sit next to people you didn’t know. I ended up sitting next to a girl from New Orleans and a guy from somewhere in Mississippi.

After everyone had come into the room, the Vice President of Admissions came to talk to us about what was going to happen during the day and introduce us to to our tour guides, who were also recruiters for specific parts of the country.

Spring Hill's Church on campus. (Photo By: Adam Satterlee)
St. Joseph Chapel on campus. Spring Hill is a Catholic college run by the Jesuit Order.  (Photo By: Adam Satterlee)

After the recruiters introduced themselves, the tours started. They split us up into four groups. I was in group B, and the first destination was the dorm rooms. To be honest, the first set were really nice, however they were for sophomores and juniors. Then they took us to the freshman dorms. They called them “pod dorms.” There were 12 people to a living room, four people to a bathroom and two people to a room. The way they sorted 12 people into the rooms was by a common interest. For example, one of the interest segments was community service.

After that, our rotation brought us to the church with a talk from one of the Jesuit priests, who is also the professor for political science. He talked about the history of the school a little bit: it was founded in 1830, it was the first school in Alabama to not have segregation, and so on.  Then he focused on Spring Hill’s mission statement. He talked about how to be a leader and stated that if Spring Hill didn’t change the student, then they weren’t doing their job.

After that, the students and parents were split into different groups, so they could ask questions candidly. The students mainly asked questions about how much homework there is and if the professors were nice. When I asked my parents what they talked about in their separate session, they said there were a lot of questions about tuition.

After the separate talks, we took a test to see what kind of majors we should look at, and I got what I was already considering, Social Science. They then talked about schedules and things of that nature. Then there was a finance talk with all four groups in the same room where brunch was held. After that, students could go on a campus tour, but I couldn’t because I had to get back for confirmation class. I was very disappointed that I had to leave, because I wanted to see the rest of the campus.

I didn’t know what to expect going into this experience because I had never gone to an official college visit before. Well, I did go with my sister to some when I was six, but I don’t remember anything from that. I had a really nice time at Spring Hill; they have a lovely campus and everyone was very nice. I could see myself as a Badger.

Spring Hill's beautiful campus. ( Photo By: Adam Satterlee)
Spring Hill’s beautiful campus. ( Photo By: Adam Satterlee)

One comment

  1. Adam,

    Thanks for your thoughtful write up of visiting the Hill. We hope you enjoyed your day and I encourage you to come back for a more in depth visit.

    Call me at 251.380.3030 or e-mail me at rstewart@shc.edu to set something up.

    Thanks again!

    Bob Stewart
    Vice President of Admissions (the guy who talked to you at the beginning of the day)



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