Rugby Wolves have High Tea [slideshow]

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(COVINGTON, La.) —  Last week, the Rugby Wolves traveled to the English Tea Room on Rutland St. in Covington for their annual treat of tea and scones.

According to rugby coach Dr. Donald Hart, The Tea Room is one of the main sponsors of the Rugby Wolves team. Tim Lantrip is the owner of The Tea Room and has been hosting this event since the Rugby Wolves have existed, a whole two years, and plans to continue to host the event annually.

The reason the Tea Room supports the Rugby Wolves is because “rugby is a traditional English sport,” said Lantrip. “Rugby is the father of modern football, and it makes sense to have the rugby team there because we support anything English.”

The English Tea Room has one of the largest collections of teas in the south with over 150 loose leaf teas, according to their website.

“It is such a funny thing to see all those bug and rough guys in such a dainty place like the Tea Room. We will have them every year, if they will have it. We support St. Paul’s,” Lantrip said.

The Rugby Wolves, only in their second year of competition, currently remain undefeated this season and dominate the Deep South Union. Their next game is Saturday, March 28, when they will meet the second ranked team, Mississippi, on the road.

(Photos by Mike Dvornak)

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