Opinion: Professional Boxing Plagued by Inherent Problems

It’s been years since the names Ali, Tyson, Frazier, and Marciano have been household names; in other words, it’s been years since boxing has been at its prime. The reason for this situation is the terrible problems that surround the sport.

A problem for years now has been that all fights have been pay-per-view. Granted, NBC has been featuring Friday Night Fights again; however, the competition that’s featured isn’t very entertaining. Though the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight was a worldwide sports event that most of the world paid to view, many thought the outcome was not worth the price of admission. Unfortunately, that’s the case for most of the fights these days.

Mayweather is a potent figure in the additional problems facing boxing today. Many thought the judging in his fight against Pacquiao was skewed. No one could figure how he won. So, if the judging is skewed, it is because he is the biggest name in boxing. Why is he the biggest name in boxing, you ask? Because he will likely be the only fighter to retire undefeated since Rocky Marciano. Of course, the fact that Mayweather is even an instated boxer is a shame, let alone him being a household name.

Another issue plaguing Mayweather is domestic violence. The following photo, along with the quote below it, has been trending on Twitter since the fight on Saturday.

(screen shot)
@Goku: “Does Floyd Mayweather know that he is supposed to hug his wife and punch the guy in the ring and not the other way around?“

NFL running back Ray Rice still has not been reinstated since hitting his fiancé. Rice was considered to be one of the best backs in the NFL. Mayweather has reportedly assaulted women on several occasions, and has faced no penalty whatsoever. That is just one example of how low and desperate the boxing committee is.

To follow, there is no feeder system in boxing like football or baseball. Boxing is unheard of as a high school sport and has a dying pulse at the collegiate level. It wasn’t always like this. For instance, the LSU Boxing team was the national champion at one time. However, LSU no longer has a boxing team. If there was boxing at more than just a professional level, more people would care.

Back in the day, the only weight class that mattered was the heavyweight class. Well, Pacquiao and Mayweather are welter-weights, and with those two being the best fighters around, who cares about the heavyweights?

Does Vegas play a part in the issue? More than likely yes, but it’s been an issue since the sport began. The problem is that sometimes, nowadays more often than not, gambling interferes with the sport. However, the key problem Vegas creates is that all the big fights are in Las Vegas. Occasionally, there is a international fight, but more people would pay attention to boxing if a live match took place in their city.

The only thing reminding people that boxing is still, in fact, a sport is Red Bull commercials, the Olympics, and Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky” movies. As for Mayweather and Pacquiao, they’re the last of a dying breed. Soon, their names will be as faint as the other former greats who came before them.

In closing, whether Pacquiao and Mayweather become announcers or judges for the sport, appear in movies, or become an icon for home grills once their boxing careers ends is uncertain. What is certain is that upon their departure, boxing could be at risk to hear the final ding unless someone finds a way to save the sport by the bell.

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