Class of 2015 Senior Wills

The Class of 2015 hath bequeathed their wills.

I, Ross Allbritton, bequeath my title as “Cast Father” to the somewhat-less-honorable Patrick Stewart. (University of Louisiana at Lafayette – Architecture)

I, Cayman Angelle, bequeath my sister to Hanson Stuckey. (Louisiana State University – Finance)

I, Jacob Authement, bequeath my noise to Garrett Cannon. (Louisiana State University – Biology)

I, Barry Auxilien, bequeath Gary’s Water Bowl to Gary. (Southeastern Louisiana University – English)

I, Michael Brands, bequeath the nickname “Ginger Snaps” to Leland Van Deventer. (Louisiana State University – Pre-Medicine)

I, Beau Briggs, bequeath my unconditional love of Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Miller to Nicholas Briggs. (University of Mississippi – Golf, and something academic)

I, Tanner Bruner, bequeath my programming skills to Sam Brown, my “What’s up, Mrs. Peak?” to Harrison Prieto, and my ping-pong skills to Jacob Bopp. (Southeastern Louisiana University – Computer Science)

I, Blaze Burkenstock, bequeath ROTC lunches to Clayton Lind. (William Carey University – Pre-Medicine)

I, Shawn Butler, bequeath my neck to Antwan Anderson. (Carson-Newman University – Physical Education)

I, Kevin Cahall, bequeath my love of all things fruit flavored to Garret Grass and Garret Cannon. (University of Louisiana at Lafayette – Computer Science)

I, George Cazenavette, bequeath the “good” tuba to Cameron Holmes, my presidency of Mu Alpha Theta to Josh Devier, and my deflankulizer to Morgan Kinch. (Louisiana Tech University – Computer Science and Cyber Engineering)

I, Nicholas Chaisson, bequeath the huddle break to Bradley Yeager. (Spring Hill College – Biology)

I, Tre’maine Chatman, bequeath the big head to Domnick Davenport. (Carson-Newman University – Business)

I, Brad Clawson, bequeath my senior parking lot spot to Jared Simoneaux and my fat boy shirt to Chris Lowder. (Louisiana State University – Pre-Dentistry)

I, Logan Cook, bequeath my Jew Fro to Garrett Cook and and the helmet pump to Garrett Drouant. (Culinary School – Breakfast)

I, David Doherty, bequeath my five-star card to Michael Doherty. (Louisiana State University – Engineering)

I, Jack Donham, bequeath my gumbo cooking abilities to Adam Schmitt and Patrick Stewart. (Louisiana State University – Engineering)

I, Jack Dubreuil, bequeath nothing in particular to John Cresson. (Vanderbilt University – Philosophy/Neuroscience)

I, David Durand, bequeath (see Connor Rees’ bequeath). (Franciscan University – Psychology)

I, Glendon Durham, bequeath Migos to Ashton Durham. (Louisiana State University – Finance)

I, Bretton Feringa, bequeath my shooting ability in practice to Colin Ross, the bushes to Dylan Futrell, #6 to Austin Means, and leadership of Coach Scoriels’ Pack Time to Brandon Murphy. (Birmingham-Southern College – Business)

I, Casey Fitzmaurice, bequeath my baptismal font to Bradley Del Rio, my paintbrush to Mark Larson, and my pseudo-sports knowledge to Nick Oubre. (Louisiana State University – Mass Communications)

I, Joey Gazzo, bequeath my amazing Spanish knowledge to Connor Slimmings. (Army National Guard/Louisiana State University – Mechanical Engineering)

I, Samuel Giberga, bequeath the Presidency of the Student Council to Josh Devier. (Davidson College – Anthropology)

I, Harrison Gitz, bequeath my volleyball skills to Sam Dufour. (Louisiana State University – Accounting)

I, Max Gold, bequeath my big green tractor to Eli Crosby and being the only Jewish student to Jackson Gold. (Washington & Lee – Mathematics)

I, Kole Gorney, bequeath my bald spot and my passion for carpooling to Charlie Quinlan, Colin Quinlan, and Jack Blossman. (Southeastern Louisiana University – Education)

I, Alec Gravelle, bequeath the hundo to Etienne Winston. (Louisiana State University – Finance)

I, Eric Guin, bequeath my hairbrush to Michael Boudreaux. (Louisiana State University – Business)

I, Zachary Hagan, bequeath the power of the Flowband to Austin Means. (Louisiana State University – Kinesiology)

I, Colin Hanley, bequeath my goalkeeper skills to Kyle Schmitt. (Niagara University – Biology)

I, Alexander Harp, bequeath Ally to Colin Sullivan, my questionably destructive decisions to Josh Devier, and my honest disregard for any and all rules to William Harp. (Louisiana State University – Finance)

I, Brian Harrell, bequeath my kingdom and my throne to Morgan Carrere. (Loyola University New Orleans – Mass Communications)

I, Hayes Hayden, bequeath my spontaneous speech giving skills to Leland Van Deventer. (University of Mississippi – Economics)

I, Austin Ho, bequeath my artistic capability to Leonard Spady, Jr. (Savannah College of Art and Design – Sequential Art/2D Animation)

I, Aarron Hodgman, bequeath 36-year-old Morgan Freeman and my nickname of “Hodge” to Andrew Hodgman. (Louisiana State University – Business)

I, Grant Holmes, bequeath my driving a van-ness to Ruston Keller. (Louisiana State University – English Literature)

I, Ben Hollingsworth, bequeath my tuba swag to Cameron Holmes and my chest hair to Lester Guttuso. (Louisiana State University – Athletic Training)

I, Max Illing, bequeath my rebel flag bandana to Chase McDougal and track coach’s shirt to Austin Means. (Louisiana State University – Business)

I, Burke Irwin, bequeath the title “Don” to Thomas Rovira. (Kenyon College – Mathematics)

I, Logan Jean, bequeath my hairy, oversized man body to Dominick Drago. (Louisiana State University – Business)

I, Jean-Paul Juge, bequeath #15 to Parker Hagood. (University of Dallas – Theology)

I, Ryan Keller, bequeath the nickname “R. Kelly” to Ruston Keller. (Tulane University – Pre-Medicine)

I, Trey Klechak, bequeath my hairline to Patrick Early (Louisiana State University – astrophysics)

I, Brennan Knepper, bequeath my all-district to Colin Hoy (Louisiana State University – Undecided)

I, Matthew Krutzfeldt, bequeath my decision over what to bequeath to Josh Mascaro. (Louisiana State University – Mechanical Engineering)

I, John Paul Lea, bequeath Matthew Baldone to Patrick Baldone. (Trade School – Mechanics)

I, Jeffrey Lemoine, bequeath my karate skills to Garrett Hicks, my musical engineering skills to Patrick Frederick, and my scientific knowledge to Oliver Sibley. (Louisiana State University – Neuroscience)

I, Logan Lendrop, bequeath my special haircuts to Sergio Barrios. (Loyola University New Orleans – Business)

I, Connor Lu, bequeath Matthew Baldone to Patrick Baldone. (Trade School – Plumbing)

I, Tyler Maurin, bequeath my parking spot next to the bushes to Chris Lowder. (Louisiana State University – Undecided)

I, Jalen McCleskey, bequeath my pickle skills to Justin McCleskey. (Oklahoma State University – Sports Media)

I, Declan Moennich, bequeath my foreign status excuse to Adam Moennich. (University of British Columbia – Science)

I, Warner Moore, bequeath my Super Saiyan strength to Jack Anzalone and David Ricalde. (Louisiana State University – Microbiology)

I, Byron Morgan, bequeath my muscles to Reese Thieler. (Louisiana State University – Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine)

I, Davis Neitzschman, bequeath my number to Nash Odenwald, my fire lighting abilities to Austin Wiles, and my superb relationships with Brother Ken and Coach Moser to Hale Neitzschman. (Rhodes College – Undecided)

I, Joshua Nunez, bequeath my ever so stylish hair to Alexander Nunez. (Louisiana State University – Marketing)

I, Ryan O’Krepki, bequeath the keys to Reiss Thieler and some better hair to Evan Esquerre. (Louisiana State University – Finance)

I, James Pagnutti, bequeath the honor of playing the flute to the person that most resembles a fairy. (Louisiana Tech University – Computer Science)

I, Bernard Penn, bequeath meat to Mark Spicer. (Dillard University – Sports Media)

I, Reid Perrin, bequeath my duck hunting spot to Chase McDougal. (Louisiana State University – Undecided)

I, Walden Perry, bequeath “Octanamo” to Bradley Anzalone, “Gary and the Robotics Club” to Morgan Kinch, and a dash of Python to Dustin Simoneaux. (Louisiana Tech University – Computer Science)

I, Drake Pierce, bequeath my title of “King of the Bog” to Corbett Russell. (Louisiana State University – Pre-Medicine)

I, Connor Rees, bequeath (see David Durand’s bequeath). (Taking a year off to find myself…)

I, Parker Rice, bequeath my equity in the Klienpeter Dairy Company to Colin Rice and my parking spot to Nick Isolani. (Tulane University – Film & Digital Media)

I, Mitchel Richard, bequeath the forks in my car and my title as Malcolm’s favorite customer to Etienne Winston. (Southeastern Louisiana University – Undecided)

I, Barrick Roberts, bequeath my pong skills to Josh Tourelle. (Louisiana State University – Biomedical Engineering)

I, Chris Rogers, bequeath that to you. (University of Mississippi – Communications of Sciences and Disorders)

I, Faiz Salam, bequeath the race card to Hanzala Hussein. (Louisiana State University – Biology)

I, Alex Salles, bequeath my hair to Matthew Lyons. (Louisiana State University – Accounting)

I, Connor Scott, bequeath my “beautiful curls” to Preston Scott. (Louisiana State University – Finance)

I, Hunter Simonson, bequeath seafood and gluten to Dylan Futrell and Ryan Flood, and the ability to yell to Kevin Katich and Liam Ordouyne. (Louisiana State University – Biochemistry)

I, Colin Skinner, bequeath my backflip to Josh Devier. (Air Force Academy – Engineering)

I, Jacob Smith, bequeath my rugby skills to Nicholas Rowbotham and my love of Bradley Beal to Cody Fecke. (Louisiana State University – Pre-Physical Therapy)

I, William Strain, bequeath my sense of humor to Jacques Cutrer. (University of Louisiana at Lafayette – Business)

I, Turner St. Romain, bequeath my mini-fridge and my timeliness to school to Camden St. Romain. (University of Mississippi – Broadcast Journalism)

I, Shelby Stumpff, bequeath the annual name chant to Sergio Barrios. May the chant live on forever… (Louisiana State University – undecided)

I, Ryan Sullivan, bequeath my bench press to Jack Vining and my Red Eyes to John Rushing. (Louisiana State University – Political Science)

I, Lane Sumrall, bequeath my ability to do king things to Thomas Bowden, the band bus song to Dustin Simoneaux, the legend of the hockey team to Sam Brown, and my sandwich maker to Ryan Flood. (Taking a year off to find Connor Rees…)

I, Peyton Tabor, bequeath my insanity to Avery Frey. (Louisiana State University – Digital Advertising)

I, Ben Toups, bequeath the role of Yearbook Senior Editor to Sam Kenney and the role of Yearbook Chief Archivist to Avery Frey. (Louisiana State University – Biology)

I, David Von Bodungen, bequeath my position as President of the Beowulves Club to Cray Pennison and my dry sense of eccentric humor to Kevin Baker. (University of Southern Mississippi – Biological Science)

I, Lucas Waldron, bequeath the curse of “Viper” to Marcus Garner and Cray Pennison. (Louisiana Tech University – Engineering)

I, Evan Young, bequeath my favorite disc to Ashton Young. (Louisiana State University – Chemical Engineering)

•  •  •




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