Mugshots to Trump Pizza Days for Student Council Fundraising

mugshots logo

(COVINGTON, La.) — Say goodbye to pizza days, St. Paul’s, because while most St. Paul’s School students were basking in the sun or gazing into a TV screen, the Student Council executive board, led by Leland Van Deventer, was at work building a partnership with Mugshots Grill & Bar.

“We are pleased to be able to announce this deal with Mugshots,” Harrison Prieto, Student Council Parliamentarian said, “especially considering how much Mugshots gives back to the school.”

Mugshots, owned and operated by a St. Paul’s graduate of 1997, Chris McDonald, is now offering “Mugshots days” to take the place of the Student Council’s “pizza days” fundraisers of years past.

These former “pizza days” would encompass the Student Council ordering hundreds of pizzas from Domino’s, a prolonged line winding outside of English teacher Myrle Wiggins’ classroom, and the Student Council executives doling the pies out for a profit.

Although this is not the burger that will be served on Mugshots days, it is the restaurant’s trademark burger “The Mugshot.” Image Source: Zomato

Now with the new fundraiser dubbed “Mugshots day,” students can enjoy a half-pound burger, a cookie, and a bag of chips, all while promoting a small business that has given back to St. Paul’s in multiple ways, including co-sponsorship of the Hunter Stadium jumbotron and last year’s mentorships of severely injured students Reagan Hill and Zach Russ.

“Chris McDonald epitomizes an alumnus who wants to help this school in any way he can,” SPS Alumni Director Al Nastasi said. “Each time we meet, Chris asks, ‘How can I help?.’  For instance, last year after the Soccer Wolves won the state championship, Chris organized a post-game meal so the famished soccer players could eat on the way home.”

“In addition to promoting Mugshots to the student body, it provides an excellent fundraising opportunity for the Student Council,” Prieto said. “We are very excited and hope to have the very first Mugshots day around homecoming week.”

Mugshots day will occur roughly once a quarter, and after further discussions between Van Deventer, Prieto, and McDonald, there is also a possibility of promoting McDonald’s other restaurant, Glory Bound Gyro Company, with a similar fundraiser day.

Pizza days may not be gone from campus, however, as other campus organizations may still take advantage of the fundraising opportunity. Student organizations that would like to schedule a restaurant fundraising day on campus must request permission from Dean of Students Ken Sears.



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