Student Council Proves Pragmatic After First Quarter

new-sps-logo_crest(COVINGTON, La.) – After the first quarter of the 2016-17 school year, the St. Paul’s Student Council, led by Student Body President Will Murphy, has compiled a heap of achievements.

“We’ve instituted game towels, really just changed the whole setting for homecoming by adding a whole bunch more themes, we changed the prom location that was severely outdated, we’ve made pep rallies more concise and engaging by adding more games and bringing in the cheerleaders, we’ve distributed shakers in the student section, and, most importantly,” Murphy said, “we’ve had a lot of the younger guys take initiative and put in the work that needs to be done.”

The game towels that Murphy mentioned are small, yellow towels that include a picture of a blue, howling wolf. These were designed and ordered by the Student Council earlier this year, and were paid for by the profits from pizza and Mugshots days. The towels were then sold, primarily to students, at the St. Paul’s vs. Jesuit football game at Hunter Stadium.

“If you look at the (Pittsburgh) Steelers, and some of these other professional football teams, they have these towels out for everyone to use,” Murphy said. “They kind of give you something to do with your hands and show your spirit. You can also wipe off sweat and sit down on them.”

To add to the student section frenzy, the Student Council also collected empty water bottles around campus for a week, picking them up from the ground after lunch and collecting them from classrooms, to fill up with pennies and beans. In doing this, the Student Council fabricated hundreds of makeshift “shakers,” which were doled out to the entire student section for the St. Paul’s vs. Ponchatoula football game, giving the fans an edge in cheering the Wolves to a commanding victory. Due to their success in inciting spirit in the stands, the shakers will be making another appearance in the near future.

“We’re also planning to use the shakers for the Mandeville game,” Murphy said. “They’re really loud and the 12th man is very important, especially when we play a district rival like Mandeville.”

Aside from fan gear, the Student Council has also enacted changes in school dances. Alongside the aforementioned homecoming themes, the Student Council has successfully changed the location of the upcoming prom.

“This year’s prom is going to be held at the Briggs Assembly Center on campus,” Murphy said. “It’s gonna be way cheaper, and we’re gonna have way nicer decorations and food opportunities.”

Cutting costs in areas like these have not only kept prices lower for students hoping to attend school functions, but have also left the Student Council in manageable financial conditions. At no point yet has this year’s Council run a deficit, most likely due to the higher numbers in school fundraisers and attentiveness of Treasurer Josh Devier. Furthermore, the current Student Council continues to sprout new ideas, with meetings every Monday at lunch, and will soon be sending delegates to the annual Louisiana Association of Student Councils (LASC) convention to run for an executive position.

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