Guerrilla Wolves to Take More Journalistic Approach

Senior Parker Layman records his popular Movie Reviews section for an episode of Guerrilla Wolves News. (Source: Guerrilla Wolves Instagram page)
(COVINGTON, La.) — The Guerrilla Wolves film club and the new Media Production class will take a more intensive and rigorous approach to their student news program this year, according to the club’s moderator and Media Production teacher Brad Guillory.

“We saw the need for it and the interest for more video journalism,” said Assistant Principal and curriculum coordinator Joe Dickens. “We listen to our kids, within reason, and the kids identified the need for a class like this.”

One of the new things added to accomplish this task is the new Media Productions class, which will focus on more journalistic efforts rather than the trademark Guerrilla Wolves skits.

“We have a whole new class in which to work on new material,” Guillory said, “especially incorporating more student news into the program. I like to think that we can be serious and still be funny, because that’s where Guerrilla Wolves News comes from. We’re probably going to continue that legacy, but the skits will probably be made after school rather than during class because I want more serious journalistic endeavors (in the class).”

The cornerstone of many of these new projects will be the Lasallian Core Principles: faith in the presence of God, concern for the poor and social justice, respect for all persons, quality education, and inclusive community.

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Sophomore John Meyers edits one of the upcoming mini documentaries for Guerrilla Wolves News. (Photo By Kyle Hladky)

“We’re going to try to base all of our mini-documentaries and mini-video journals on the core principles,” Guillory said.  “We’re also going to be doing stuff for the school like making a virtual tour of the campus for the open house. And, of course, we’re going to be doing lots of stuff for sports and the Jumbotron, as well, to add to that experience.”

With all these new developments, many students worry that the Guerrilla Wolves couldn’t find any time for their old skits and humor, but that’s not true according to club president Thomas Williamson.

“While it’s true that the Guerrilla Wolves are adjusting and have been for some time, there will always be time for more wacky and comedic skits,” Williamson said.


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