SPS Swimming Legend to Head Aqua Wolves

Decorated swimmer Kris Babylon prepares to take the Aqua Wolves to (photo by Kyle Hladkey)
Decorated swimmer Kris Babylon prepares to take the Aqua Wolves to new depths. (photo by Kyle Hladky)

(COVINGTON, La.) — Following the retirement of Coach William Babcock, the St. Paul’s School swim team, also known as the Aqua Wolves, will receive a new addition to their family this school year in the form of Coach Kris Babylon, who is no stranger to campus.

“Kris Babylon has an incredible set of credentials,” school president Bro. Ray Bullard, FSC, said. “I think he will lead the Aqua Wolves to even greater heights, or I should say depths, in terms of the pool. He is a loyal alumnus and I was extremely proud to put a diploma in his hand a number of years ago. As I said, I think he will pick up where Coach Babcock left off and take us to even greater things.”

Babylon is an alumnus of the Class of 1995 and has many achievements under his belt. He was a four-year letterman while at St. Paul’s, an All-American in the years 1991-1995, holds multiple state and national records, and is an Olympic Festival Gold Medalist in the 200 IM, among other things.

“Kris was an astounding student while at St. Paul’s, and he was one of the best athletes this school has ever seen,” Bro. Ray said. “I’m very happy that he has decided to return to St. Paul’s School to offer his immense experience and knowledge to our team.”

Babylon has many responsibilities in his new position because he now occupies the former position of the esteemed Aqua Wolves Coach William Babcock, who retired over the summer. From 2009 to 2015, Coach Babcock led the Aqua Wolves to places they had never before been, reaching some of the team’s highest placings ever.

While Babylon acknowledges that he has quite a hard precedent to match, he looks forward to the future of the St. Paul’s Aqua Wolves.

“I am honored to be the new coach of the St. Paul’s swim team,” Babylon said. “I can’t wait to see what the Aqua Wolves will bring this new school year.”

Students interested in joining the swim team are encouraged to speak to Athletic Director Craig Ketelsen.




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