New Malestrom Promises Student Creativity, Cash Prizes

The St. Paul’s BeoWulves writing club and Graphic Design Club are seeking submissions for their annual “Maelstrom” publication. The publication will be a collection of short stories and poems created and submitted by St. Paul’s students. Every literary piece will be accompanied by an art piece by the Graphic Design Club. The top three works, judged by the BeoWulves writing club, also will earn a cash prize. First place will receive $100, second place will receive $50 dollars, and third place will receive $25.  

Contest guidelines are as follows:

  • Submissions are open only to St. Paul’s students.
  • Maximum of one submission per student.
  • No submissions will be accepted that surpass the 3,000 word threshold.
  • Submissions must be put in MLA Style with a cover page that includes the piece’s title and the student’s name, first period class, and grade level.
  • Poetry and short stories will be judged in conjunction.
  • Submissions with inappropriate and extremely graphic content will be discarded.
  • All genres are accepted.
  • All lengths of stories and poems will be judged equally.
  • Submissions are due by March 18, 2016. Any entries submitted after this date will not be evaluated.

Submit entries to, or print the entry and submit it to Brad Guillory in Room 104 of the Main School Building.



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