‘Wreck The Rams’ Pep Rally to Create ‘Savage Season’ Rivalry

pep rally(COVINGTON, La) — On Friday, Feb. 26, the St. Paul’s Student Council will host a “Wreck the Rams” pep rally in the new gym at 2:30 p.m. This ensued the news that the St. Paul’s Soccer Wolves will brawl the Acadiana Rams at Tad Gormley Stadium this Saturday in an attempt to win their third consecutive state title, and their seventh state championship in under 15 years.

The pep rally will also serve in recognizing and supporting the basketball team, which has broken the school record in winning 30 consecutive games, embellishing their 31-1 record. The formidable teams join to rival the Acadiana Rams in both playoff attempts, with the first playoff game for the Basketball Wolves taking place Friday night at St. Paul’s. If victorious, the Basketball Wolves will advance to play the winner of the East Ascension vs. Denham Springs matchup.

This pep rally has not, however, been weeks or months in the making. In fact, the Student Council’s executive board planned it in just two days.

“Ms. LaGraize’s D block class had the idea to throw a ‘beat Acadiana’ pep rally since both basketball and soccer are playing Acadiana in major (playoff) games this weekend,” Audrey Poole, co-moderator of the Student Council, said. “We talked to Mr. Watkins, and Mr. Dickens confirmed on Thursday that we could have a pep rally on Friday, and we threw together a meeting at lunch, and we just got the job done.”

The event’s introduction will entail a speech given by a senior from the basketball and soccer teams following a pulsating performance from the St. Paul’s Marching Wolves. After this, a mystery game will be pioneered. The game will face-off the starters from each respective team in a mêlée for the roaring approval of the student body, who will be magnified by the charismatic, exuberant Marching Wolves.

“Well, I think that the basketball team will just go home tomorrow night, cry, and take this loss with an L, a big fat L,” senior midfielder Colin Ross said. “Savage season will prevail for sure.”

The basketball team, conversely, does not display any phenotypes of intimidation, rather conviction.

“Well, I gotta be honest with you; I think that Colin and his team are gonna go home sad because we’re gonna beat the (fight) out of them,” senior center Harrison Prieto said. “It’s just that (savage) season; it’s just that time of the year for both teams. Savage season… it just is, it’s a season.”

The pep rally game should be decisive in fixing on which team is “more hungry.”  Transforming the students into a riotous, sustaining base contributing towards “the savage season” is just a byproduct.

“We haven’t had a whole lot of pep rallies recently, but I think this one will be a really fine and fun pep rally to really knock everyone’s socks off and set in motion some really great victories for this upcoming weekend,” Student Council President Leland Van Deventer said. “ As for who will win the mystery game, I think that it will really just come down to athleticism and who can get those fingers flyin’.”

To follow the Basketball Wolves’ playoff progress, view the LHSAA playoff bracket.



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