New Classes Promise Diversity, Advancement

(COVINGTON, La.) — American Sign Language, Speech III (Persuasive Writing and Speaking), Media Production II, Chemistry II Honors, and Journalism III are the newest classes that will be made available by the administration beginning in the 2016-2017 school year to further the diversity and advantages offered by the St. Paul’s curriculum.

“This year, but really all years, we looked at the needs of the student,” Assistant Principal and Curriculum Coordinator Joe Dickens said. “ If there is a demand and an interest, we’ll create a class for the students, especially those who are looking beyond St. Paul’s. For instance, one of our students, Nick Ashton, wants to be a journalist, so we have Journalism III.”

American Sign Language will teach students the language used by the deaf and hearing impaired. This course will be added to the Foreign Language department and will be taught by a new teacher not yet determined.

U.S. History teacher and Youth and Government moderator Kim Gardner will teach Speech III (Persuasive Writing and Speaking) in the 2016-2017 school year. (File photo)

Speech III (Persuasive Writing and Speaking) will be a debate format class rather than a regular instruction class. Students will write papers on social issues in the world around them and then debate them in a team format. A possible byproduct of this class could be a debate team. The class will be taught by Youth and Government moderator and U.S. History teacher Kim Gardner.

Media Production II will continue upon the current curriculum of Media Production I. The class will be an opportunity for students to do more of cross-media work within the program. Students will continue to make films and produce segments for the Guerilla Wolves video club. Guerilla Wolves moderator Brad Guillory will continue to teach both classes.

Current Media Production I and Guerilla Wolves moderator Brad Guillory will now take on an additional Media Production II class. (File photo)

Chemistry II Honors will present a new challenge for seniors who want to explore chemistry further than the instruction in junior year. While there is already a Chemistry II class, administration saw the need for an honors level Chemistry II that will go at a much more accelerated place. The class will be taught in the Science Department with instruction by current Chemistry II teacher Suzanne Duplantier.

Journalism III is the next step in the St. Paul’s Journalism program taught by Christi Simoneaux under the branch of the English Department. The class will feature an interactive media approach that will have a reach across both broadcast and print media. Students will also be instructed in social media and its impact on journalism.

Students who would like more information on these electives are encouraged to speak to counselors Christine Woodard or Renee Miller in the counseling office located in Lasalle Hall. For email contact information, visit the school faculty directory.

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