Senior Plans Promise Diversity and Opportunity

(COVINGTON, La) –With the class of 2016 graduating on Saturday, May 14, 2016, they leave behind a legacy that is rich in both academic excellence and athletic prowess. These gifts served the class well during their time at St. Paul’s and will continue to aid them in college.

Academically, the seniors performed exceedingly well on standardized testing, namely the ACT. The average score for the senior class was a 25, 4 points higher than the national average and 5.8 points higher than the Louisiana average. Furthermore, seniors were accepted to 31 colleges and universities around the country with more than 15.4 million dollars in college scholarship offers, combined.

Athletically, 11 students signed with colleges to continue playing a variety of sports, from baseball to tennis to track, into their college career. This compares to 14 college athletic signings in 2015 and 11 signings in 2014.

A notable trend comes in the shift from Louisiana State University to other-in state schools, in terms of the colleges members of the class of 2016 plans to attend. LSU as a college choice is down 10.6 percent from last year, while choices at other in-state schools are up by 3 percent from the same year. As compared to the graduating class of 2014, LSU is down by 12.6 percent, while other in-state schools are up by 19.3 percent.

“I think part of the shift this year will be related to the possibility of TOPS not being a viable scholarship,” said Senior Counselor Renee Miller. “So some students are looking outside of Louisiana because they can get scholarship money or it can cost them the same. I also think our students are becoming more aware of what is a good fit for them specifically. Just because LSU is in-state and here and their family went there doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best fit for them.”

Class of 2016 College Plans

See how this compares to 2015 and 2014.



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