Students Express Gratitude at Father-Son Dinner

(COVINGTON, La.) — In celebration of the special bond that St. Paul’s students have with their fathers, the SPS Dad’s Club held its annual Father-Son Dinner in the Briggs Assembly Center on Saturday, April 8.

The art pieces made by students in Art I, II, III and IV classes sit on display in the back of the BAC. (Photo by Blake Franklin)

As fathers and their sons started flocking into the Briggs, many took their seats at the round tables that had been set up, waiting for the opening statements to begin. Others, however, enjoyed the many student-made art pieces that were on display for the art showcase.

When the president of the Dad’s Club came to the podium to address the masses, he explained how important the relationship between a father and son is, and how it is realized and celebrated at the annual event.

The many paper airplanes that failed to hit the mark were swiped to the side to make room for the winners. (photo by Blake Franklin)

A few SPS dads came up to tell their stories and reminisce on past experiences with their sons. Afterwards, a paper airplane competition was held. Everybody got one shot to make a paper airplane and throw it in the goal. The top three contestants later went on to the finals, and the winner took home a Yeti cooler.

Senior Alex Seese says a few words to the crowd before rushing out to make it to SSA prom in time. (Photo by Blake Franklin)

Then, the food was served. Two tables in the back of the BAC were lined with baked chicken, jambalaya, baked beans and other delicacies. It didn’t take long for everyone to get their food and sit back down to hear the next speakers.

The next round of speakers were St. Paul’s seniors. They came up on stage and talked about how their fathers taught them and influenced their lives. Yehia Elkersh, who lost his father years ago, came up to talk about those who have acted as father figures in his life.

“My uncle has been an incredible father figure to me,” Elkersh said. “He’s an incredible mentor and a great role model to follow.”

Seniors line up to show appreciation to their fathers and award them with a commemorative mug. (Photo by Blake Franklin)

After the speeches had been given, all of the seniors who attended were invited to come up to the mic on stage and personally thank their fathers.  Each dad was also awarded with a “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug.

With that, the celebration was completed. The fathers and their sons departed the Briggs center, bellies full and mugs in hand.


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