SLIDESHOW: Benilde Hall Renovation Update

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Slideshow pictures by Lester Guttuso.

(COVINGTON, L.a.) Earlier this year, following Christmas break, St. Paul’s School students were greeted by 18-wheelers, bulldozers and men at work as they returned to campus in shock. As the 2017-2018 school year has progressed, however, observing live construction has become a normality for the Wolves.

With the school year reaching its conclusion, the renovation of Benilde Hall is in full swing. Currently, the two pre-existing Benilde Hall entrances are fenced off, and a temporary entrance has been fabricated on the side of the building facing the chapel. Inside, the entire first floor has been cleared, causing religion classes to temporarily relocate across campus. Additionally, the library has been stripped of the books that previously occupied the shelved walls for decades.

Outside, due to excavation, the sidewalk leading to Benilde Hall from Lasalle Hall has been blocked off, forcing students to exclusively utilize the sidewalk leading from the Briggs Assembly Center to the Wolf Dome.

In the wake of this, students have complained that the Benilde Hall renovation has caused inconveniences. Yet, the renovation remains on track, scheduled to be completed at the beginning of next school year.


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