Class of 2018 Senior Wills

As the 107th graduating class of St. Paul’s School begins commencement exercises in the Briggs Assembly Center on campus at 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, the graduates look back on the legacy that they leave at St. Paul’s. A long-standing tradition of The Paper Wolf, many of these seniors present their bequests to those who remain.

I, Andy Anderson, bequeath my luscious ginger locks to Shawn Noel. (undisclosed plans)

I, Jake Arena, bequeath the halftime show to the Ulfers twins. (Tulane University/undisclosed major)

I, Matthew Borgatti, bequeath my Swing Fest tip money to Chase May and my infinite supply of pencils to whoever keeps leaving them everywhere. (LSU/Mechanical Engineering)

I, James Bryant, bequeath the number 7 to James Bradford. (undisclosed plans)

I, Carson Caulfield, bequeath the presidency of the first base club to Owen Hnatyshyn, the gatorade making to Jacob Yancey, and being everyone’s favorite politician to Paxton Ballard. (Samford University/Mass Communications and Journalism)

I, Landon Chambliss, bequeath “Gibson’s Legs” to Ross Hightower and my amazing trumpet skills to Sam Glynn. (Southeastern University/History)

I, Andrew Curry, bequeath my classic windbreaker to Paxton Ballard and my obscure sock collection to Merrick Coghlan. (LSU/Psychology)

I, Jordan Edney, bequeath the dirty “nag-bomb” to Paul Stolin. (Florida State/undisclosed major)

I, Henry Elliot, bequeath my legend windbreaker to Evan Hendry and the submarine to my brothers, Patrick and Harrison Elliot. (Tulane University/undisclosed major)

I, Robby Ferrante, bequeath my missed game-winning field goal against Covington High to the Wolves’ future kicker, Will Grand. (United States Naval Academy/Aerospace Engineering)

I, John Connor Flick, bequeath my XXXL cup to Julian Contreras and the chalk to Jackson Gold. (Texas Christian University/Business)

I, Blake Franklin, bequeath my secret treasure stash hidden on campus to the first person who finds it. (Loyola University of New Orleans/Mass Communications)

I, Brandon Gallego, bequeath Guerilla Wolves to Josh Riviera and Luke Vargas. (LSU/Computer Science)

I, Lester Guttuso, bequeath The Saxahoes to Merrick Coghlan, Thirsty Thursdays to Andrew Hollingsworth, 21 GANG to Beck Heebe, and the St. Paul’s New Balance takeover to Spencer Slaton. (Ole Miss/Civil Engineering)

I, Hanzala Hussain, bequeath the brown race card to Frankie Durio. (undisclosed plans)

I, Luc Hebert, bequeath the chair of Editor-in-Chief of to Spencer Fox and The West Bank Bad Boys to Hyde Healy. (University of Georgia/Finance)

I, Grant Hughes, bequeath my ability to lose to Jesuit by one point in the wrestling state championship to Brandon Stein. (Samford University/undisclosed major)

I, William James, bequeath the entire sport of ultimate frisbee as a whole to Leonard Carrollo. (Ole Miss/undisclosed major)

I, Alex Krake, bequeath my tennis rackets to Davis Heebe, because his are trash. (LSU/undisclosed major)

I, Forge Mathes, bequeath Beach Patrol Beach Volleyball Club to Joshua Rovira, fatherhood of Harrison Weisinger to Frankie Durio, and my dank memes to Luke Paille, Evan Hendry and Davis Lagarde. (LSU/Bioengineering)

I, John Meyers, bequeath my entire collection of classic movies to Turner Land and my ability to change a MAC address to everyone who plans to use Teacher WiFi. (Southeastern Louisiana University/Computer Science)

I, Colin Moser, bequeath Black Majic to Beck Heebe. (Furman University/undeclared)

I, Robby Nolan, bequeath my position as Pledge Master to Jackson Gold and my pre-game walkout to Michael Philippe(Texas Christian University/Business)

I, Colin Quinlan, bequeath my work ethic to Josh Jones, my sense of humor to Jack Blossman, and Lightyear’s Bowls to Will Blossman. (Franciscan University of Steubenville/English)

I, Mason Robicheaux, bequeath the very annoying soccer captain’s chant to Philip Pearce. (Appalachian State/undisclosed major)

I, Zac Russ, bequeath all my bad luck to Dayton Shirah, my insane dancing skills to Adam Janney, and my acting skills to Zack VanSant. (undisclosed plans)

I, Stephen Schlottman, bequeath my sprint speed to Johnathan Bertucci. (LSU/undisclosed major)

I, Noah Seiden, bequeath my parking spot to Spencer Fox. (Tulane University/undisclosed major)

I, Matthew Stalter, bequeath the ability to get out of class whenever I want to Paxton Ballard. (LSU/undisclosed major)

I, Hanson Stuckey, bequeath my mad gnar capabilities to Reiss Plauche. (gap year abroad)

I, Ashton VanDeventer, bequeath The East Side Slumpers to Nick Briggs. (Southern Methodist University/Finance)

•   •   •

Graduates, it’s still not too late to add bequests. Just email them to


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