2018 Graduates Prepare for Next Step in Their Education

The Class of 2018 tosses their caps in air after singing the SPS Fight Song following graduation on May 12, 2018. (photo: Christi Simoneaux)

(Covington, LA) On Saturday, May 12, the 107th class of St. Paul’s crossed the stage and received the reward of five years of education: their St. Paul’s School diploma.

With this diploma comes a new set of challenges. Next year, they will not be the oldest students, they will not have their parents to wake them up or make them breakfast, but they will have the preparation and experience needed to thrive as they head for colleges all over the country (and Europe).

With rising standards in schools all over the country, the Class of 2018 has worked day and night to set themselves apart from other students — both athletically and academically. With 13 athletic scholarships and over $16 million worth of scholarships (not including TOPS), the Class of 2018 has left some large shoes for the Class of 2019 to fill.

While almost half of the graduates this year will attend LSU in the fall, there are still a healthy amount of students going to schools in Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, and many other southeastern states. Furthermore, Robby Ferrante has received an appointment to attend the U.S. Naval Academy, and Cole Knobloch will attend Bisham Abbey in the United Kingdom for soccer.

Bellow is a pie chart compiled by The Paper Wolf that shows where the seniors plan to attend college in the fall.


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