New Theater Director Begins New Era in St. Paul’s Theater

Senior Justin McCleskey and Theater Director Gordon Carmadelle are prepared to shoulder the weight of the new Theater Era. (Photo- Karen Hebert)

St. Paul’s new theater director revealed the 2018-2019 season in a surprise announcement in the school’s century-old theater. In a divergence in St. Paul’s theater tradition, Gordon Carmadelle selected two plays based on their connection to current events: To Kill a Mockingbird and Newsies.

For this year’s play St. Paul’s will produce the classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. (Photo by- Gordon Carmadelle)

“I chose Mockingbird because after all these years, it’s still and relevant and powerful as it has always been,” Carmadelle said. The new Director wanted to do something entertaining as well. “It’s also a very engaging show…the characters are great, there’s a lot for actors to dig into, and it’s even got some moments of humor from the younger characters,” he said.

The spring 2019 production of Newsies will be the first time Newsies has been shown at St. Paul’s. (Photo by- Gordon Carmadelle)

As for Newsies, “I wanted to choose something that would really showcase our talent,” he said.  “There are a few really good female roles, but it’s primarily the story of these boys and how they learn that standing together is so much more powerful than standing alone,” he said. 

Carmadelle has become a new gear in the St. Paul’s faculty community. He teaches Theater 1, 2, 3, and also a block of U.S History. Carmadelle first got into theater when he was a student at LSU. He said that he is excited to be at St. Paul’s,  a school with a wonderful reputation and a great history of theater productions.  


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