Basketball Wolves Prepare For Playoffs

Many of the team’s seniors have played for the basketball team since eighth grade. (Photo Credit: Mimi Monteiro)

(COVINGTON, La.) — The Wolves have entered the 2019-2020 season with a vengeance following a tough season last year, in which they finished 18-18. This year they have won four out of their first five games, and have shot out to an overall record of 25-9. The Wolves’ starting five consists of senior guard Isiah Philips, junior guard Evan Seicshnaydre, sophomore guard Zach Fenn, junior center Ben Broussard, and senior forward Dylan Dimitrios. Having already surpassed last year’s overall wins, the team looks forward to entering the playoffs and competing for state.

Coach Stephen Dale, who has coached the basketball Wolves for the past four years, is impressed with the team’s effort so far this season. “St. Paul’s is home for me. My family has laid roots down in this community and we want to be here for a very long time. Academically, there is no better school to teach in. Athletically, we’re building the type of basketball program that can compete with anyone,” said Dale.

The Wolves have improved dramatically from last year in various aspects of the game, both on and off the court. “Our individual offensive skills have improved a lot since last season. We’ve spent a good deal of time this year on basic fundamentals like starts, stops, ball handling, shooting fundamentals, etc. and our offensive numbers as a team this year show that improvement,” said Dale. They have also worked hard on the defensive end, giving up just 60 points per game, which marks the stingiest defense during Coach Dale’s tenure.

The emphasis on practicing basics and mental preparation have helped for a stronger seasonal showing for the basketball team. (Photo Credit: Patrick Blaum)

The Wolves have placed a major emphasis on team culture this season, which has paid dividends in close games. Dale said, “Roughly three hours before each game, the team has a 45 minute ‘run through’ practice. These short game day practices are like dress rehearsals and more about our mental preparation than physical preparation.” 

The Wolves are rolling towards the postseason, having won five of their last six games. Senior Dylan Dimitrios said after the recent loss to Ponchatoula High School, “we will be fine as long as we play our game. Coach is always harping on us to play our game. We are in a good spot entering the playoffs.”

The Wolves have their first playoff game against Rummel at St. Paul’s at 6:30 p.m in the new gym.


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