Authors’ Angles: How Has Joe Burrow Performed So Far?

Joe Burrow gives a thumbs up to fans after the his first NFL win. (Photo Credit: Ravens Wire – USA Today)

(COVINGTON, La.) — LSU alumnus, college football record setter, and Cincinnati Bengals rookie quarterback Joe Burrow has played four career NFL games, accumulating a 1-2-1 record. His team is currently last in their division, but his six touchdowns and two interceptions has proved impressive to many fans. He is the first rookie in NFL history to throw for over 300 yards in three straight games.

Paper Wolf writers offer their opinions on the young player.

“Under pressure, Joe led his team inside the 10-yard line on the final drive, just to have the kicker miss,” Christian Cowley said. “He stayed tough against the Eagles after taking big hits that went viral. He’s a top ten quarterback in the league right now,” Cowley said.

“While it is premature to judge Burrow’s first four games as evidence of his potential greatness, he has certainly played well,” Isaiah Ayo said. “However, it is pure ignorance to say he is a top ten quarterback based on four games against average to below average opponents,” Ayo said.

“Joe Burrow looks like he can be the face of the NFL in the next few years,” Ethan Wilson said. “Through his first four games of the year, he has looked confident despite a lack of protection and a lackluster defense. He has the ability to win multiple games by himself and will lead his team to many playoff victories in the future,” Wilson said.

“Joe Burrow is a top fifteen quarterback,” Jack Salvaggio said. “If he was on a better team, he would have much more praise and possibly be an elite quarterback in the NFL,” said Salvaggio.

Joe Burrow writhes in pain after taking a sack against the Eagles. (Photo Credit: Fox News)

“Joe Burrow has exceeded my expectations through four games,” Ian Nicoll said. “Though I think that there is a bias around this area because of what Burrow did for LSU, he has done a lot with what he is dealing with,” Nicoll said.


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