Authors’ Angles: Should the Saints Play at Tiger Stadium?

Will the Saints switch home stadiums to have fans? (Photo Credit: Visit Baton Rouge)

(COVINGTON, La.) — The New Orleans Saints and the LSU Tigers have discussed the possibility of the Saints playing games at Tiger Stadium. The Saints cannot host any fans in the Superdome while LSU hold fans at a 25% capacity. New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell does not allow the Saints to have fans because of COVID-19 concerns, though stadiums around the NFL have slowly been integrating fans back into the games.

Paper Wolf reporters give their opinion on the matter.

“The Saints should move to Tiger Stadium,” Christian Cowley said, “but only until Saints fans are allowed to attend games. I think the downside of having the Saints and LSU on the same field is the wear and tear on the turf, but overall, LSU will embrace the Saints fans and players,” Cowley said.

Ian Nicoll said, “They should play at Tiger Stadium until fans are allowed at the Superdome.”

“While it would be awesome to see the Saints playing in Death Valley, the 25% capacity allowance is not worth it,” Isaiah Ayo said. “Changing the identity of the Saints could be detrimental for their play,” said Ayo.

“The change of scenery is nice,” said Shaun Miller, “and the fans will energize the Saints, helping them play better.”

Ethan Wilson said, “while fans will help improve the Saints inconsistent defense, the change of atmosphere will hurt the Saints play on the field overall.” “The Superdome is part of the reason the Saints play as well as they do. Fans or no fans, the Saints should remain at Superdome,” Wilson said.


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