2021 Honor Roll 1st Quarter

Saint Paul’s School student body recently finished up their first full quarter of the school year.  After every quarter, the Saint Paul’s Development Office and Administration host a breakfast to recognize the great achievement of the Honor Roll students. Every student who earns B’s and A’s on their report card is bestowed the Blue Honor Roll, while every student who earns straight A’s on their report card is bestowed the coveted Gold Honor Roll. With such a great gathering of top students, Brother Ray Bulliard makes it his objective for the Honor Roll Breakfast to be a learning experience, nourishment for both the body and brain! To celebrate the Honor Roll students, Brother Ray chooses four vocabulary words to teach at the breakfast. The words chosen are always a positive noun, a positive adjective, a negative noun, and a negative adjective. The vocabulary words always give the Honor Roll breakfasts an element of uniqueness from one another. While one quarter, Brother Ray may be encouraging his students to be a riant mensch, the next quarter, Brother Ray will implore the pupils to not be splenetic nothingburgers. Brother Ray rehashed his words from November of 2015 to make up his first-quarter Honor Roll vocabulary. The negative adjective of this honor roll breakfast was feckless. To be feckless is to be ineffective and have no real purpose. The positive adjective of this honor roll breakfast was intrepid. To be intrepid is to be fearless, bold, brave, undaunted, and courageous. Every Saint Paul’s student should strive to be intrepid through their daily life. The negative noun of this honor roll breakfast was clodpoll. To be a clodpoll is to be a thoughtless person. The positive noun of the Honor Roll breakfast is apotheosis. Saint Paul’s students should refrain from being a clodpoll and instead live life as an apotheosis. After describing and teaching these words, Brother Ray exclaimed to his students his signature Honor Roll breakfast catchphrase, “If you want to offend me, call me a feckless clodpoll instead of using one of those four-letter words you throw around.”

Saint Paul’s students and families pick up their breakfast for the freshman honor roll breakfast.


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