New Orleans: Home of Much Horror

According to, New Orleans is one of the most haunted cities in America. To get the full feeling of the 2014 Halloween season, the season would not be complete without a visit to one of the area’s “haunted houses.” The Mortuary, The House Of Shock, 13th Gate, and Rise haunted houses are some of the scariest haunted houses in Louisiana. Get your scream faces on and have an exhilarating time visiting these Haunted Houses.

Photo Credit: The Mortuary

The Mortuary

4800 Canal St. •  New Orleans •  (504)483-2350  • website  •  hours

The Mortuary was originally built in 1872 by Mary Slattery and was intended to be a home for generations of her family. Reported to be an actual haunted house with year-round ghost tours, The Mortuary is staged as a Haunted House attraction during the Halloween season, with a different theme each year.

This year’s theme is about a government experiment gone wrong, with Black Ops creating zombie Zcyborgs to defend them.

Ticket Description Price Service Fee Total
General Admission $25.00 $2.50 $27.50
VIP Fast Pass: “Skip the Line” Almost Instant Access through the Front Door $35.00 $4.00 $39.00
VIP Fast Pass Package: “Skip the Line” Plus a Mortuary Logo T-Shirt & Cap $55.00 $4.00 $59.00
VIP Frequent Fear Season Pass: Unlimited Visits, “Skip the Line”, Valid Any Night $88.00 $4.00 $92.00

. . .

House of Shock

Image Credit: House of Shock

House of Shock

319 Butterworth St.  •  Jefferson  •  (504) 734-7462  •  websitehours

Another place to get a thrill is the House Of Shock. This is the last year that the House Of Shock will be putting on the haunted house. They began in 1993. The multiple scenes that are weaved through the House of Shock include a graveyard, funeral parlor, meat-packing plant, catacombs, and many more.

The House of Shock promotes itself as much more than a haunted house, but more of a haunted festival, with food, live music, pyrotechnics, stunts, and more.

Ticket Description Price Service Fee Total
General Admission $25.00 $3.00 $28.00
VIP $45.00 $3.00 $48.00

. . .

Photo Credit: The 13th Gate

Image Credit: The 13th Gate

13th Gate

832 St Phillip St.  •  Baton Rouge •  (225) 389-1313  •  websitehours

Reviewed by as “an amazing haunt, one of the best I have ever seen,” 13th Gate takes a journey through 13 very frightening themed indoor and (weather-permitting) outdoor areas where the worst nightmares come true and anything can happen. The 13th Gate has consistently been recognized as one of the top Haunted Attractions in the country by, MTV, AOL Cityguide, Fangoria Magazine, Haunted Attraction Magazine, and The Travel Channel.

During the off-season, the haunt employs a year-round movie industry construction crew, which includes award-winning Scenic Artists, Set Carpenters, Lighting and Sound Technicians, and Special Effects Artists. During the Halloween season, over 100 professional actors, 12 special effects makeup and airbrush artists, and several costume specialist work together to bring the terrifying show to life each night.

General admission $25.00
VIP $40.00 online

 . . .

rise haunted house

Image Credit: Rise Haunted House

Rise Haunted House

10342 Hwy 442 • Hammond • (985) 277-9666 • websitehours

Rise Haunted House, located near Hammond, offers two attractions in one: Dark Souls Unleashed and Operation Deadly Assault.

Dark Souls Unleashed is a walk-through “dark attraction” that features hordes of undead, an endless terror-filled labyrinth, and countless nerve-wracking spine-tingling scares in what is promoted as an unforgettable haunted house experience.

Operation Deadly Assault is a zombie paintball experience that arms you with the latest in zombie destruction weaponry as guests travel on a custom-designed troop carrier through the zombie-infested back-woods and swamps of Louisiana, extinguishing the hordes of undead that escaped from the main complex.

General Admission Tickets
RISE Haunted House General Admission $17.00
RISE Zombie Paintball General Admission $15.00
RISE Haunted House and Zombie Paintball Combo $28.00
VIP Admission (Skip the Lines)
RISE Haunted House VIP Admission $27.00
RISE Zombie Paintball VIP Admission $25.00
RISE Haunted House and Paintball Combo $42.00
Research assistance and editing by Casey Fitzmaurice.

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