Criminology Mock Trial Ends in Conviction


The prosecution and defense get ready for the trial. (Photo By: Adam Satterlee)

(COVINGTON, La.) — The Mock Trial of Jesse Caulfield, who was portrayed by Crimonology student Skylar Hebert, came to a close on February 28. The student jury found Caulfield guilty, sentencing him to 35 years in prison.

Caufield was charged with car jacking, assault with a deadly weapon likely to cause great bodily harm, and robbery.

Caulfield was convicted after the defense called him to the stand and head prosecutor Adam Satterlee asked how the victim’s car and things got to his house.

“It was not a wise choice for the defense to put Caulfield on the stand when he couldn’t defend himself. He could not even give a reason for why the victim’s car was in his driveway,” said Satterlee.

Judge Emilie Allen, Crimonology teacher, gave two days for the prosecution and defense to gather statutes  to determine how long Caulfield would be imprisoned. The main dispute was whether or not it was Caufield’s third strike.

After the two-day deliberation, court was back in session for sentencing. The prosecution argued that it was Caufield’s third strike, which would give him life in prison, despite his first crime being committed as a minor.  The defense argued that it was not his third strike, being that he was a minor when committing his first felony, and consequently should not have life in prison.

When court reconvened, Caufiled got 35 years in prison and a separate five year rehab. The defense won the argument that it was not Caufield’s third strike.

The defense gathers their statutes. (Photo By: Adam Satterlee)
The defense gathers their statutes. (Photo By: Adam Satterlee)


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